It is quite apparent what happened….all of those circumstances together point to one thing: there was collusion between the people who lit the fire and the people who covered up the crime, including the police department and the mayor’s office prior to and after, and one of the key things is that THE PEOPLE WHO SET THE FIRE KNEW THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE PROSECUTED; AND THEY ONLY LEFT THE CITY WHEN THE SON CAME FORWARD AND BEGAN TO SAY THAT HE WOULD TESTIFY AGAINST HIS MOTHER. THEY ALL DISAPPEARED OVERNIGHT. THEY SAY THAT THEY GOT HELP FROM KEN STORMS, AND KEN STORMS SAYS HE HELPED THEM MANY TIMES. There are too many coincidences for them to be coincidences!

 The police do not act without the chief’s directive. The mayor apparently was involved from the beginning; the law says that the chief of police is under the direction and control of the mayor, and is responsible directly to the mayor. (See Meridian Municipal Code Sec. 18-2, and 18-9 below[1].)

 Either Detective Havard acted illegally on his own, or he acted illegally under the direction of Chief Dubose—and Chief Dubose acts under the direction of Mayor Smith. There is such a thing as conspiracy against rights, and deprivation of rights under color of law; this is what has been done here.[2]   Lt. Dean Harper of the Meridian Police has said that it is criminal to act without the chief’s approval. But, the question is, was it done without the chief’s approval or with the chief’s approval?

 If Detective Havard acted on his own without the chief’s knowledge or approval, that is criminal; however, Chief Dubose is now aware of enough facts to know that his detective acted improperly, having met several times with Pastor Demers and his wife, and with Lucinda Johnson. Chief Dubose’s inaction at this time is in violation of the law. He has a duty to at least investigate this. PASTOR DEMERS AND HIS WIFE  WERE TOLD THAT THE MAYOR ORDERED CHIEF DUBOSE NOT TO INVESTIGATE AND NOT TO TAKE ANY COMPLAINTS FROM THE DEMERSES.  (The statement came from Lt. Harper, who said, 'The chief has told me that I cannot investigate this.  And the chief gets his orders from the mayor.')Chief Dubose is not absolved from wrongdoing by this. Chief Dubose should NOT act in violation of the law just because the mayor said to.   The excuse of: “I was just following orders” didn’t work at the Nuremburg trials, and it’s not going to work for Chief Dubose, either, if state or federal authorities ever act on this.

 Mayor Smith has either directly given the orders from the beginning, or has been involved since the time he was told, directly, by Pastor Wade Demers and his wife Patricia, on July 1, 2003—3 WEEKS AFTER THE ARSON, about the arson and lack of investigation. On that date he was told about the prior threats, the circle burned in the grass around the house the day before the arson, the arson and lack of investigation by the police, and the assault on Pastor Demers by one of Adelia’s church members. He was also shown photographic evidence. Mayor Smith is either involved by actively keeping these things from being brought to light (as in ordering the chief not to act), or by his passive inaction (which IS an action) in doing nothing to bring this to the proper authorities or ordering the Meridian Police Department to do its job. In fact, as stated previously, if it is true that the mayor ordered the chief not to investigate, and the mayor ordered him NOT to do his job—that, my friends, is obstruction of justice. However, what if the chief is the one who decided, on his own, not to investigate? It’s hard to tell, in a sea of liars, where the truth is…they could ALL be lying. 

We know this: ignorance is not an excuse, because they all know. Who are they kidding? They all know by now—I guess it’s like an elephant in someone’s living room—hard to ignore, but they are trying to. We also know this: the mayor is not telling the truth.

 If the mayor was “in the dark,” it could have only been up to that point of July 1, 2003, 3 weeks after the arson, when Pastor Demers and his wife met with him, as stated above. The mayor acted shocked and with feigned righteous indignation, said that these kinds of things were not going to be allowed in his city. In fact, records show that, on that date, Mayor Smith told Pastor Demers and his wife that he would talk to the chief of police and Vince Vincent (fire department investigator). If Mayor John Robert Smith did talk to the chief at that time, INSTEAD OF ORDERING HIM TO DO HIS JOB, MAYOR SMITH ORDERED CHIEF DUBOSE NOT TO INVESTIGATE. Looks like Mayor Smith is a pretty good liar. He either did nothing, or he went and did the exact opposite of what he told the Demerses, victims of crime, that he was going to do. Ask yourself why he would do this if he wasn’t guilty. 

We’ve also gotten information that Mayor Smith “chewed out” Fire Chief Tim Miller, and we know that Miller left the Fire Department to work for a sporting goods store; perhaps he had too much integrity to lie and go along with the mayor’s scheme. Perhaps this is why the meeting that Ken Storms was supposedly putting together never happened…maybe they couldn’t get Tim Miller to lie.

 Mayor Smith told the Demerses on July 1, 2003 that he was going to talk to Vince Vincent, too. Maybe this is why Vince Vincent acted so strangely afterwards and subsequently left the city employ, also. He told one credible source that he was sick of the corruption and couldn’t take it anymore. 

Now we know why the mayor lied about getting back to the Demerses within 24 hours of the July 1, 2003 meeting. And, we now know why he has not acted to rectify this situation according to law since that time, when these things have been repeatedly brought to his attention, both personally and through the Meridian CAO, as well as in many public forums. He is participating in and orchestrating a cover up.[3] And, he is breaking the law. 


We are not talking about investigating an arson that is now close to 6 years old due to denied justice (although that should be done also); we are talking about violations of local, state and federal laws, obstruction of justice, and violations of constitutional and civil rights. 

 The burden of proof and actual investigation of these allegations is not the responsibility of The Arm of Justice. The proof is available, and some of it has been shown with the police report itself, accompanied by the 35-page Attachment to the Complaint against Detective Havard, which is, in reality, a detailed analysis of the many, many errors and falsehoods contained in that report.[4] We are in hopes that, by bringing forth the information we do have, the proper law enforcement agencies will choose to finally investigate this properly and put it to rest by bringing perpetrators and conspirators to justice. 

 We have done this upon the utter failure of the proper authorities there in Mississippi to do their jobs according to law. We have presented this, still in hopes that one or more of them may choose to finally act properly. There is proof[5] of wrongdoing and criminal acts (some or all of which we will be presenting on the World Wide Web for all to see, if the authorities fail to act properly according to law). However, it is the responsibility of law enforcement to investigate, question, arrest, charge, indict, and see that the criminals, including co-conspirators (whether declared or undeclared), are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is time that the law enforcement entities in Mississippi do their jobs; or, if they still refuse, for someone outside of Mississippi corruption to do it.   IT IS TIME FOR JUSTICE TO BE DONE. 

KEY POINT: One of the foremost problems with Detective Havard’s phony investigation is his assertion that Pastor Demers had a “mental problem.” In a meeting between Pastor Demers, his wife, and Chief Dubose, Pastor Demers asked Chief Dubose, “Do you think I am crazy?” Chief Dubose assured Pastor Demers that he (Dubose) did NOT think that Pastor Demers was crazy. Chief Dubose made comments such as this, “I don’t spend time talking to crazy people,” and “I shake your hand in public.” (Chief Dubose has spent hours talking to Pastor Demers and his wife on several occasions over the past year or so.)

 So, the question comes up in one’s mind: If Chief Dubose doesn’t think that Pastor Demers is crazy, then why did Detective Havard act on that premise and use it in his report? If Detective Havard acted without the chief’s permission, as stated before, that is criminal. If he acted at the Chief’s direction, that is also criminal. If it is the latter of the two, then Chief Dubose lied to Pastor Demers when he told him that he (Dubose) didn’t think Pastor Demers was crazy. (By the way, I have known Pastor Demers for over 30 years. Anyone who has talked to Pastor Demers knows that he is not crazy.[6])  

If you will notice in the police report, that assertion by Detective Havard, that Pastor Demers has a “mental problem” comes out of nowhere[7], and it comes after 5 months of Detective Havard doing NO investigation into the arson. My research and experience shows that this tactic is used often against whistleblowers to discredit them, and I also can assure you that this is one of the heinous tactics which was used against Pastor Demers years ago when he was exposing the corruption in the state of Rhode Island.

 Whenever people were starting to listen about the corruption, the powers that be would use the “mental problem” tactic against Pastor Demers. If you will research other whistleblower-type cases, you will see that a common tactic is to discredit the whistleblower in any way that you can…what better way to do so than to say that the whistleblower has a “mental problem”? Detective Havard’s technique is not too original. The problem is that this false accusation, buried in this police report (which was not available to the victims until recently), has caused the denial of equal protection under the law for these victims. And now, matching Detective Havard’s false allegation that Pastor Demers has a mental problem with Chief Dubose’s statement that Pastor Demers does NOT have a mental problem—well, you should be able to SEE the problem. Something doesn’t add up. Something smells rotten. Very rotten. It is obvious that someone was feeding this information to Detective Havard, or he made it up on his own. It is not based on fact. It is a diabolical trick which has been used to perpetrate this denial of justice for these victims. Now that the report has been ferreted out, we have been able to put the pieces together and see a key and integral part of their whole process in committing these criminal acts in denial of justice. 


 What Pastor Demers preaches does not make him very popular with the preachers and with many people. But…does that give people the right to hurt him? Does that give anyone the right to set fire to one of the church’s buildings? Well then, we’d all better watch out….For example, what if there were people who didn’t like you, and what if they decided to hurt you or your loved ones? Wouldn’t you want EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW?   WASN’T THIS COUNTRY FOUNDED ON THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGION? AREN’T THOSE RIGHTS PROTECTED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION? 

And, what about the other victims? There are many other people who have been hurt by these crimes, including Pastor Demers’ wife, other attendees/members of CCIA, and also, people who were seeking help from Pastor Demers and his wife who have been “scared off” by the heinous things that have been done to the Demerses and to CCIA. This is not about Wade Demers; these things were done to a church and to many innocent victims. If good people don’t act, next time it could be you or your loved ones who are hurt. As stated previously, IT IS TIME FOR JUSTICE TO BE DONE.




Berachot Levine for The Arm of Justice

New England


[1] Sec. 18-2.  General duties of chief; supervision by mayor. “The chief of police shall, under the general direction and control of the mayor, be the head of the city's police department including all divisions of such department. He shall make all assignments to duty of the personnel of the police department and be responsible directly to the mayor for the proper and efficient operation of the police department. He shall, with the approval of the mayor, make such rules and regulations relating to the internal administration of the police department and its personnel as he deems necessary provided such regulations are not violative of any law or ordinance of this city.” (Code 1962, § 18-2)

    Sec. 18-9.  “Reports by chief to mayor: The chief of police shall, in writing, report to the mayor each month his official acts and doings; the condition of the police department;…. and he shall also report all violations of duty by the police department, and on failure to discharge this last named duty he himself may be held to be guilty of a neglect of duty, and may be tried the same as if his neglect appears to be wilful.” 

[2] Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 242: Deprivation of rights under color of law, and Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sec. 241, Conspiracy against Rights, as well as the RICO conspiracy laws, and Title 18 regarding misprision of felony. 

 [3] Maybe I am not getting the point across here regarding Mayor Smith; perhaps I should use some language that some of you might understand better in the South:   When Mayor Smith was asked about the arson at a meeting in 2005, for example, he had a duck fit and got his knickers in a knot. But then again, he’d call an alligator a lizard. Also, if he doesn’t realize he’s a liar and a criminal, he’s like a lost ball in high weeds, and there’s a tree stump in a Louisiana swamp with a higher IQ. Who are “y’all” kidding? He knows. And it looks like he did more than y’all realize to cover this up.

 [4] It is my opinion that the citizens of Meridian, Mississippi should be utterly ashamed of this police report, and of the actions of this detective, their chief of police, and their mayor. What has been done to CCIA and its pastor is heinous; and if this can be done to these people, it can be done to anybody.

[5] These include government-produced documents, audio recordings, and statements by seated elected officials, as well as the statements and testimony of the victims themselves; the victims also have documented their phone interactions over the years and personal interactions with government officials, law enforcement, media, and the like. 

[6] Pastor Demers, when this was brought up over the years, has subjected himself to evaluations because he was humble enough to know that if he WAS crazy, he would be the last to know. All of the evaluations (by 4 separate professionals over the years, one of whom was hired by a person who was making the accusation) determined Pastor Demers to be of sound mind.

[7] supposedly because of some allegations Pastor Demers had made about law enforcement and government in Rhode Island (which turned out to be true).

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