(updated 12/5/09 with copy of letter from Ned Hastings (attorney for Tillinghast, Collins, and Graham), in which he states that Rogeriee Thompson (a current nominee of President Obama's to the First Circuit Court of Appeals)had prepared a court order which was "in pertinent part illegal,"  which violated RI state laws. You will also see below a copy of the Providence, RI police report proving Pastor Wade Demers' innocence in the false charge brought against him by Rogeriee ThompsonMs. Thompson, in collusion with others, among her other crimes, provided false and misleading information to authorities to frame Pastor Demers in order to keep him quiet about her own crimes.

Wade Demers was framed--he never committed a crime.  How did this come about, and why?  Well, to try to make it as succinct as possible:  Because Pastor Demers was involved in exposing corruption of high level officials who had committed some heinous crimes, he became a target for those who wished to continue in their corrupt, illegal and unethical misdeeds—crimes which were hurting children. He did whatever he could to help expose what was being done to hurt these children. Pursuing every possible legal avenue he could, Pastor Demers persisted in trying to get help for them.

The people who framed Wade Demers include the now convicted felon and former Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Fay (political pawn of the now deposed Matty Smith), ROGERIEE THOMPSON (who was a lawyer at the time and is now a judge but shouldn't be, and has been nominated as of October 2009 by President Obama to the First Circuit US Court of Appeals), and Nick Colangelo (a lawyer), who had conspired together to milk an uncontested divorce for all it was worth, and thus committed crime after crime to the extreme detriment of the children involved. Collateral damage resulting from the crimes committed by Fay, Thompson, Colangelo, and others, include, but are not limited to, a suicide of a young boy and the murder of a woman.  These people framed Wade Demers to keep him from exposing their crimes--all he wanted was help for the children.  (For more details, see also: https://justicespeaker.blogspot.com/2008/07/wade-demers-saved-his-daughter.htmlTHE SHELDON (WHITEHOUSE) CONNECTION, and THEY HURT THE MAN, AND THE CHILDREN GOT HURT - Letter from person who was a victim as a child in Rhode Island.)

There is much hard documentation that will prove these things are true.  EVERYTHING on the so-called ‘criminal record’ of Wade Demers that can be pulled up on the internet (and in other places) is FALSE.  (This is a common technique used against whistleblowers--starting with slander to discredit them, and using many other techniques to "shut them up," including threats, false charges/false arrest, and false jailings.)

One documented unbiased piece of evidence in this case is a document prepared by Sheldon Whitehouse, now a U.S. Senator, who was then policy chief to Governor Bruce Sundlun.  FYI, this document is on the Governor’s stationery and hand-signed by (then) Governor Sundlun.  In this document, which focuses on the one felony conviction the “framers” were able to obtain through their falsehoods, Sheldon Whitehouse delineates the facts which make it clear that Wade Demers is innocent. (To read this document, see THE SHELDON (WHITEHOUSE) CONNECTION.)

Also, you may be wondering how they were able to convict Pastor Demers...well, the jury was tampered with, his witnesses weren't allowed to testify (including a police officer whose report indicated that there was no offense committed by Pastor Demers on the day in question), and Rogeriee Thompson committed perjury on the witness stand in order to obtain this false conviction against Wade Demers.  (FOR ANOTHER DOCUMENTED, UNBIASED PIECE OF EVIDENCE, SEE COPY OF THE POLICE REPORT REFLECTING NON-OFFENSE, BELOW.)

Rogeriee Thompson had accused Pastor Demers of "threatening" her...Sheldon Whitehouse's report makes it clear that the so-called "threat" was that Pastor Demers said he would go to the press to reveal what she was doing to harm the children!  (Hint:  This is not a threat, there is no statute against this, and it is not a crime.)   This was all an attempt by Pastor Demers only to plead with her to do her job in protecting the children over whom she had been appointed guardian ad litem by the courts, after repeatedly trying to inform her in every way he could.  She wasn't doing her job, was turning a deaf ear, and the children were being hurt. 

Because of her religious prejudice against Pastor Demers, and because she wanted to keep the "gravy train" going with the money she was getting from her illicit/criminal activity, she wasn't listening to him when he was repeatedly trying to tell her that those children were getting in extreme trouble with drugs, illicit sex (including adult men with his minor daughter), alcohol, and other dangerous behaviors.  His hands were tied as far as physically helping those children himself, because of some illegal and unethical things that had been done against him in the courts.  He had not even been allowed to see his children (this was done illegally in violation of RI Laws 15-5-16 (b) and (c)*), but was finding out some of the things that were going on from eyewitnesses (who had been at the house where the children were living).

At this point he had not been allowed to see his children for months, and,as stated, this was all done illegally.  Additionally, he had been trying to inform Rogeriee Thompson for months that he had found out that terrible things were going on at the house where his children were, and that Rogeriee Thompson, as their guardian ad litem, needed to do something.   Rogeriee Thompson (with Judge Fay) had illegally court ordered Pastor Demers (who had no access to his money/accounts due to the courts) to pay $1500 to see his children; and on the day in question, he had gone to her office to pay her the money. 

He had borrowed the money from his dad, who told him to make sure he got a receipt, and that it sounded like what Rogeriee and the others were doing was illegal.  Pastor Demers agreed, and went to Rogeriee Thompson's office to pay her the money.  He expressed his concerns about the children and his displeasure that he had been denied visitation with his children for no reason.  He expressed that he thought it was wrong to have to pay money to see his children, especially when his money had been taken from him and he had no access.  (He also expressed that he didn’t care if she and the others took all the money from the estate, he just wanted help for the children.)  When he asked for a receipt, Rogeriee Thompson refused to give him one, and he said he had to wait until she gave him one because he had promised his dad, who lent him the money, that he would get a receipt.  (She must have refused to give him a receipt because she knew what she was doing was illegal.  What kind of a person wouldn't expect to give a receipt to someone who had just given them $1500.00 in CASH?  Perhaps someone involved in criminal activity would not want to give a receipt in that situation....)

That is when the police were called.  Pastor Demers obtained his receipt and left.  Later, Rogeriee Thompson actually accused Pastor Demers of obstruction of justice for this incident.  She accused him of obstructing her in the discharge of her duties, when in reality the opposite was true; he was trying to help her to do her job by informing her that those children were getting in trouble and that she should look into it as guardian ad litem.  The reality is that she was criminally negligent.  Because of this, not only were Pastor Demers' children hurt, but many other children were also hurt, and ultimately, because these things went on unchecked, due to Rogeriee Thompson's criminal negligence, a woman was murdered and a young man committed suicide.  How different things would have been if Rogeriee Thompson had ignored her bias and hatred and had just done her job.


*stated in a letter written by attorney Edwin H. Hastings of Tillinghast, Collins and Graham, who was court-ordered to assist Pastor Demers in his appeal, to the trial court judge after the trial was over.  I will quote from the letter here:

    "A possible point that might help on this, which was not called to your attention during this trial, is that the incident of December 2, 1985 in Miss Thompson's office was precipitated by an Order of November 15, 1985, which Miss Thompson had prepared, and signed by then Judge Fay, and which was in pertinent part illegal. It required him, as you remember, to pay her guardian's fee of $1,500 as a condition of the privilege of visiting his three minor children.  This order appears to have been in violation of Section 15-5-16(b) and (c) which provide:

    "In requiring the custody of the children the court shall provide for the reasonable right of visitation by the natural parent not having custody of the children except upon the showing of cause why the right should not be granted..." [Sec. 15-5-16 (b)]

    "In all hearings regarding denial of visitation, the court shall make findings of fact." [Sec. 15-5-16 (c)]

Here is the letter:




For further details concerning WADE DEMERS WAS FRAMED, Rogeriee Thompson's crimes, and more, see

https://justicespeaker.blogspot.com/2008/07/wade-demers-saved-his-daughter.html, THE SHELDON (WHITEHOUSE) CONNECTION, and THEY HURT THE MAN, AND THE CHILDREN GOT HURT - Letter from person who was a victim as a child in Rhode Island.  (Also see https://www.projo.com/news/courts/content/THOMPSON_RANKING_10-25-09_8AG49PS_v29.3464886.html )


Providence, RI Police Report showing that on the day in question  (December 2, 1985), when Rogeriee Thompson said that Wade Demers threatened her and for which he was charged with obstructing her in her duties as an officer of the court, Pastor Demers committed no offense.  (NOTE:  in box 31, marked "Nature Codes," the officer wrote "500," which you will see from the list is "all other non-offenses."  And in box 33, under "Non-Offense Status," the officer checked "resolved."  THE TRIAL JUDGE** NEVER ALLOWED THE OFFICER TO TESTIFY AND IGNORED THIS REPORT.



Wade Demers was in the news quite a bit back in the 80's and early 90's in Rhode Island.  He was a Rhode Island native, very successful in business and his other endeavors, who was then called by God to be a pastor.  (This is a story in and of itself—his calling and transition from self-made wealth to giving it all up to preach God’s word.  That story will have to be told another time.)

Unfortunately, to this day people falsely believe that he is a criminal.  It is severely affecting his ministry, the children who were being hurt at the time are now damaged and hurting, and the slander and lies that are still uncorrected are hurting them and others to this day. Pastor Demers was slandered horribly in the Providence (RI) Journal and, though these slanderous reports have faded into yesterday's news, the slander and lies still stand in many people's minds and remain on the internet to this day.  And let us not forget that a woman is dead from murder and a young boy is dead from suicide, because the people who should have listened to Wade Demers did not, and instead he was slandered, falsely accused, falsely convicted, and falsely jailed. How would YOU feel if that had been done to you just for trying to get help for your children and other people's children?

One of the things which should be done in this case is that someone from the Providence Journal should sit down with Pastor Demers and go through the files to see just where and how he has been slandered and portrayed improperly, and fix it!  For example, there are the recorded details of false arrests, and evidence to the contrary…and the innocence of Pastor Demers can be proved, so that Pastor Demers and his ministry can be free to do their work unhindered by the bigotry, bias and hatred which have gone unchecked and are actually fueled by the slander and lies on the internet. Maybe then things could turn around for the better.




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