MORE PICTURES OF WADE & PATTI - Their Accommodations, and Dinner at Camp Disaster


These pictures show the accommodations that they say "God" provided for them on this three week time of rest that "He" sent them on in late June/early July of 2009.  You know, those 2 kids are 61 and 62, but I've known them for years--they will do whatever they think "God" is telling them to do.

As for me, I prefer a nice hotel.



What follows are some pictures and an explanation of an experience that these two non-conventional missionaries had, which might be best described as:

Dinner at Camp Disaster


The following  pictures Patti explains in this way:  “We had been away from the campsite for the entire day, and we had planned to cook our meal over charcoal right at the site.

“Our plans were fairly elaborate, as we had an abundance of vegetables and some all-beef hot dogs we had brought from home, and quite a nice ribeye steak that we had purchased on sale at a grocery store not far from the campground.  (The steak is in the bag in the picture.) You can see from the amount of food that we were planning on having leftovers for a number of days.

“While we were away, a severe storm had come out of nowhere—the winds were 75-80 mph—it had actually damaged 10 planes at the local airport, where many of the planes had blown into each other, and some were damaged because of being lifted off the ground, coming down upside down.  When we got back to the campsite, everything was in shambles. (The first pictures in this group show the campsite AFTER we restored it from disaster.) The rain protective cover was off the tent, the stakes hadn’t held, and the tent and all its contents were full of water and soaked.  The screen tent had been totally blown over and actually damaged.


“When we got back, the damage was done and the sun came out brightly…we restored the site, dried out everything, and cleaned up. 

“The pictures were taken after we had things under control, and you can see that we’re at the end of the process and that the tent, though empty, at least with the help of God we had gotten it dry.

 “Through all of this, we still continued with our plan to cook on site, so we proceeded with the process of getting the things back in the tent as they dried out, and simultaneously prepared our elaborate dinner.  (continued after pictures)





 “But then, the second storm came! I think the pictures of us having our meal during the rain and the gale force winds will give you some idea of the fun and exciting time that God allowed us that night. Praise God, though the screen tent was down again, after finishing the meal and cleaning up, we had a safe, secure night in our tent.

“You can’t believe how hard Wade and I were laughing as he was slicing the whole grain, multi grain French baguette he had so carefully warmed on the grill…as the gale force winds were blowing the screen tent down against our bodies and the table.

"I couldn’t believe it when Wade actually went out to the car to get the camera and began snapping shots, and asked me to do the same.

“But then again, in our line of work we’re ready for anything that God sends our way. The meal was enjoyable, and we took our time, savoring every bite, as if we were in the finest of dining circumstances—even as the wind howled wildly and the rain blew almost horizontally through. After all, the Bible does say to rejoice always and give thanks to God in everything!

“As I’ve told you many times, Berachot, being married to an apostle is certainly far from boring!”

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