Wade & Patti at Breakfast: It's true, man does not live on bread alone!

Patti shared with me, "This was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this particular destination, for this pavilion overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, and always has a cool breeze--even on the hottest of days."  Further, she added: "It provided not only a place to prepare and eat earthly sustenance, but also a comfortable and relaxing and beautiful place for Wade and I to partake and share from the spiritual bread of life--the Word of God."

Patti explained, "This day's breakfast was Wade's famous blueberry pancakes, made with whole grain flours and blueberries that we actually picked at Johnson's Blueberry Farm in Suqualena (Mississippi); we were quite glad at how well they kept on ice in our cooler for well over a week. The hot dogs were all beef, and were leftovers from our 'Dinner at Camp Disaster'" (Editor's note:  look carefully at the second picture of the pancakes in the pan, and you'll see them.) "The chai tea came from Big Lots in our home town of Meridian (Mississippi)."


"Of course, the best part was yet to come..."


Below, Patti checks in with CCIA's Executive Assistant back at headquarters in Meridian, Mississippi.


"Another day's breakfast, really brunch, included fresh fruit, yogurt and scones purchased at the local Publix market, and preserves purchased at Big Lots back in Meridian (Mississippi).  We also had organic whole milk which was a special treat, since at home we usually have the cheapest skim milk that's available at the time."

Patti asked me if I could put in this comment with these pictures.


“Our Master said:  ‘The way is narrow that leads to LIFE…’ only a few ever find it…and of those who find it, He said that only a few do it.  Thus, only a few of the few actually make it, according to Jesus.


“Obviously, the overwhelming majority of humanity is perishing, yet most people feel that most of those whose funerals they attend have ‘gone to glory.’  So, we have all been, for generations, believing deceptive words and not God’s words, ‘ear-tickling’ lies and not the truth.  Remember, it was Jesus who said that only a few of the few make it…Jesus is right, not me, not you…


“The word is true, not what our mothers, our friends, or our pastors say when contrary to God’s word.  It’s time for God’s people to start believing and abiding in the word of God, and not the apostate teaching of these end times.


“Think... if you don’t know the way, you can’t walk the road and you will not get to life…you will never get there, in spite of what your mother or pastor taught you.  Jesus is Lord.  His word is true.


“Read your Bible…find the narrow way.  Walk it…and know ‘Those who wish to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.  Keep your faith in Him, and you too can be with Him in eternity.


“This is what Wade and I believe, and we found it clearly stated in the Bible.  Remember…read your Bible…”


For more pictures and information, go to:SOME RECENT PHOTOS OF WADE AND PATTI DEMERS--MISSIONARIES TO AMERICA, MORE RECENT PICTURES OF WADE AND PATTI--Brunch at the Country ClubMORE PICTURES OF WADE & PATTI - Their Accommodations, and Dinner at Camp Disaster, Patti & Wade at the Beach: MODESTY? STAND BACK, VICTORIA--CHECK OUT PATRICIA'S SECRET!, and PASTOR DEMERS ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE WORK OF THIS WEBSITE (Copy of His Letter to Berachot Levine).  For some information on the hate crimes and the persecution that Wade & Patti have experienced and are experiencing, see Letter to the City of Meridian-COVERUP OF AND PARTICIPATION IN ARSON, HATE CRIMES, AND PREJUDICE BY CITY GOVERNMENT EXPOSED, BERACHOT'S ANALYSIS, and WADE DEMERS WAS FRAMED!







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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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