(NOTE FROM BERACHOT:   I have included the text of Pastor Demers’ letter to me, below. For the benefit of the readers on this website, I have gone through the text and have added footnotes with links to articles which have pertinent details important to the reader.  Pastor Demers wrote the letter to me, and of course I know the surrounding details, but, upon publication of this as an article, for the reader who does not know the details, I have added the footnotes and links.)

 My dear friend Berachot: 

I hope this transmittal finds you well…and open of mind… I understand fully your frustration with so-called Christians and Jews, government authorities, and others who we both agree should know better… 

And I appreciate you and the others at The Arm of Justice standing up for the truth over so many years as others with more responsibility to do so sit idly by… 

But I would like to ask you to consider some things: 

 We (Patti and I) are still alive even though, over the years, there have been: 

Untold death threats (by mail, in person, and over the phone)

The following are just a very few;

1.      Freddie Bishop (hit man in RI) said he would hit me with a club crushing my skull:  “I’m not gonna kill you—I know right where to hit you to turn you into a vegetable."

2.      The speaker of the house of representatives in Rhode Island at the time, Joe DeAngelis, told me he would kill me for exposing the illegal things he had done.

3.      Darrell Dumas, pastor of Touching Hands Ministries in Mississippi, told me that he would kill me with his bare hands.

4.      Lamar Richardson (preacher in Mississippi) with two large men told me if I didn’t stop my preaching they would do something to us right there in the street.

5.      Numerous pastors have threatened me over the years, many in front of my children.

6.      And of course there is the phone call from (Meridian) City Councilman Jesse Palmer where he told Lucinda Johnson and me on separate phone calls, days apart, that “they” will go behind the scenes and kill me and Patti.


Numerous assaults/murder attempts

1.      Rudolph Sciarra (second in command to head of mafia in the Northeast at the time, Raymond L.S. Patriarca) and Dougie Gomes (petty thug and druggie) attempted to put me in an industrial dryer.

2.      Dougie Gomes repeatedly assaulted my head with a cane.

3.      Freddie Bishop, Rudolph Sciarra and others (men in the “mod” that I was in when I was in prison in Rhode Island) all started kicking and beating me and tried to beat me to death when I was on the phone talking to Patti, and the beatings broke numerous ribs.  (As you know, Rhode Island is a Roman Catholic Italian Democratic state where I had been the Republican Party Chairman in my hometown.  The Democrats were at that time controlling the state, and there were mafia connections to the government at the time. When I was framed and falsely imprisoned, one of the guards put me in a mod (where I wasn’t supposed to be) where a lot of the mafia guys were, and I had numerous threats and received the serious beating while I was in there.)

4.      The pastor of Ocean State Baptist Church (RI) punched me in the chest and stomach.

5.      Seven (7) men with clubs came to my home in Rhode Island to beat me after a threat to burn the house down if I didn’t stop preaching.

6.      There was an “edict” from the Roman Catholic Bishop in Rhode Island years ago to have me “destroyed.”

7.      I was physically assaulted by Pastor Jake Randall in Rhode Island.

8.      I was assaulted in a Rhode Island courthouse by Attorney Stephen Cicilline, the law revision officer for the RI General Assembly (brother to Jack Cicilline, the mafia connection’s lawyer).

9.      In Mississippi, 15 pastors assaulted me (one physically, the rest verbally, “egging on” the one who was physically assaulting me).

10.  In Meridian, Mississippi, Pastor Peter (Amos) Powell, a former golden gloves boxer, tried to murder me (by attempting to break my neck) in front of my two daughters in front of my home.


I could go on…this is just a tiny bit of what’s been threatened and/or executed against us. So you see, dear friend, it’s only by something beyond what we see or are in ourselves that has kept us alive. 

Remember, Berachot, “God” (yes, GOD) says in His book that vengeance belongs to Him…look up and read Isaiah 54:17. 

Let me remind you of some things and share with you others which will show you what I mean. 

Yes, remember Isaiah 54:17 and read 1 Chronicles 16:22. 

I will now list what certain individuals did to me…and their consequences, which we believe came from God. (All these consequences came down on these people without us hiring lawyers or doing anything except seeking God’s will.) See what you think… 

Action:  Governor DiPrete (R-RI) ignored our pleas for relief from persecution and help for our children in RI.

Consequence:  He went to prison.

Action:  Police officers Tooher and Binns falsely arrested me and framed me when I was just attempting to locate a young black man whom we had been ministering to (the young man had been arrested for just walking down the street in the church’s neighborhood—a lily-white community).

Consequence:  Tooher and Binns went to prison. 

Action:  Bishop Gelineau issued an internal “edict” (which we subsequently obtained) to have me destroyed (according to a letter dictated by him to the secretary of his executive assistant Monsignor McGovern), because my preaching might “bring down the Catholic Church in Rhode Island.”

Consequence:  Bishop Gelineau was exposed as being a homosexual.

Action:  Judge Healey said, “That may be the way it is in the Bible, Pastor Demers, but not here in Rhode Island.”  He is one of the judges who was involved and used in the criminal manipulation in the courts by the Italian Democratic criminal machine that was being egged on by the Roman Catholic and Protestant Clergy, and who thus was used to harm me and my family and contributed to the circumstances which ultimately led to the murder of Mrs. Marcotte of Smithfield, RI, the suicide of a young man named Jimmy, and other irreparable harm to many other young people in Smithfield and beyond.  And, as you know from these things, Berachot, the persecution that we’ve been receiving for years, where the clergy conspires with the government to deprive us of our rights, is the same type of persecution which dates back to Biblical times.  Sadly, in their successful attempt to hurt me, they hurt the children more.[1] [2] 

And, as with Judge Healey, all of the following people (and others not mentioned here), who also caused harm to the children, didn’t merely cause harm to my own children, but harm to other children in Smithfield and the surrounding communities as well.[3]  The people who harmed the children created and continued the circumstances which led to the murder of Mrs. Marcotte and the suicide of Jimmy.  Please keep that in mind when reading below about any of the people who did harm to the children--this is true for all of them.  It’s an old and evil technique; when you want to hurt someone, you hurt their children.

Consequence:  Three of Judge Healey’s family members died within a week.

Action:  Judge Crouchley, who was also a part of and used by that same criminal machine, took actions against me which resulted in horror for the children and the murder of Mrs. Marcotte and the suicide of Jimmy…I, while preaching on the street, warned the judge to repent…he just laughed. 

Consequence:  He got a brain embolism the next day.

Action:  Master O’Brien, who was walking with Judge Crouchley at the time when I was preaching, also was involved and used in the criminal manipulation that harmed me and thus hurt my children and other children, and ultimately led to the Marcotte murder and the suicide of Jimmy.  (As you may remember, Berachot, I was preaching in those days on a temporary spot that God had set up by having the city of Providence put bricks down and creating an “Old Time” City Square in what had been the main street of the downtown financial and business district.   This was at the time when God was training me to preach.  And as soon as that training time was over, the city took the bricks up and made it a street again for traffic.)

Consequence:  Master O’Brien suffered a heart attack. 

Action:  Judge Kiley made the same statement as Judge Healey, above, and he was also a part of and used by the system to deny me due process of law and thus caused harm to the children and contributed to the murder of Mrs. Marcotte, the suicide of Jimmy, and the irreparable harm to many other young people in Smithfield and beyond.  I had been falsely accused and put in jail, and he revoked and doubled my bail, and was going to send me right back to prison from the courtroom that day.  A stranger ended up putting up $10,000 for my bail.  (To this day I don’t know who it was.)

Consequence:  As I walked from the courtroom, free on the bail from the stranger, Judge Kiley fell from the bench, immediately stricken with throat cancer as I cleared the door. 

Action:  Judge Fuyat was also part of the machine that was out to hurt me and thus hurt the children and was involved as well in enabling and setting up the circumstances which led to the murder and the other horrible events.

Consequence:  His son burned to death in a fire, and he (Judge Fuyat) was disbarred, convicted of a crime, and divorced.

Action:  Chief Justice of the RI Supreme Court Thomas Fay was the highest paid state level judge in the United States at the time.  He was, as you remember, a key figure in the criminal actions against me, being one of the people who framed me and thus hurt the children, and set up the circumstances which led to the murder of Mrs. Marcotte, the suicide of the young man and other irreparable harm to many other young people in Smithfield and beyond.[4]

Consequence:  He is now a convicted felon, was disbarred, and lost his pension.

Action:  Mayor Cianci of Providence, as did Governor DiPrete, ignored our pleas for relief from persecution and help for our children who were being harmed in violation of our civil rights.

Consequence:  He went to prison.

In Meridian, Mississippi:

Action:  Jamie Peavy committed terrible and vicious loud public slander against me and my wife, at the Echo Lounge in Meridian and other places as well. 

Consequence:  He got a DUI, which was reported in the newspaper during the mayoral campaign in Meridian when he was Cheri Barry’s campaign manager.

Action:  Steve McDonald, then Senior Pastor of Central United Methodist Church (CUMC) here in Meridian, did a slanderous diatribe against me and my wife, and this was part of a set-up to have us killed.  We had tried to help him, although we did not know at the time the specifics of some of his sins which were later found out.

Consequence:  Less than three months after the slanderous diatribe, Steve McDonald was forced to step down from the pulpit due to an internet porn addiction, which was discovered when he was found looking at pornography on the church computer in his office.[5]

Action:  George Thomas, of the Meridian City Council, acted terribly towards us at City Council meetings.  This includes stopping us from presenting evidence at one particular meeting, even though the city attorney at the time, Bill Hammack, was starting to say it was a good idea.  Mr. Thomas interrupted him and put his hand up and would not allow Mr. Hammack to finish, and said that we were not allowed to present the evidence there.  Mr. Thomas also was, as you know, in conspiracy with Steve McDonald and Bill McBride to have me and Patti set up to be killed at CUMC the night of the diatribe by Steve McDonald.

Consequence:  Mr. Thomas’ handsome, talented son died not long after the CUMC incident.

Action:  Bill McBride of Meridian used the City of Meridian to harass the church by going before the Board of Supervisors and saying that we had no right to be tax-exempt on our building/property which we were using for storage and other purposes.  (Mr. McBride, as you know, launched this personal vendetta against us because he did not like being exposed by the church for condoning indecent and illicit materials being displayed in the library where children could read them.[6])  Mr. McBride was also in on the plot to set up to have me and Patti killed at CUMC.

Consequence:  Bill McBride is now dead.

Action:    Rick Wise, who was the youth minister at Northpark church in Meridian, chose to listen to his pastor, Earl Wheatley, who was teaching things contrary to the Bible, instead of listening to me when I was showing him in the Bible what God said.  God had sent me into Rick's life to help him to get over his problems by showing him, in the Word, how to become fully obedient to God.  His pastor, Earl Wheatley, told him I was wrong about what I teach from the Bible, yet refused to show us in the Bible where.  And it's obvious that the pastor should have allowed me to help Rick...of course, this exposed Earl Wheatley as being part of the apostasy, but sadly, Rick Wise's life was turned upside down by what happened after that (see consequence, below).   Pastor Wheatley also, from the pulpit, responded to a suggestion in the suggestion box at his church that perhaps the women at his church should dress more modestly—he responded by leaning over the pulpit at Sunday morning service with his eyes bugged out, looking down at the women’s breasts and other body parts, saying, “I’m free in Christ; I look. 

Consequence:  Rick Wise was caught looking at internet pornography in his office at the church with the young people, and was disgraced in front of the church and forced to resign from his position.

Action:  Christopher Shelton was listening and talking to me and seeking help to get out of his insanity, but then a pastor named Jimbo Miller along with Terrence Roberts gave him untrue information about me and “tuned him up” to slander me along with them, and at that point Christopher stopped listening to me.  Miller was the one who made the references to “Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Charles Manson,” even calling my WIFE those names.  Those things and others were repeated by Shelton and it got back to me through Pastor Lamar Lifer of Calvary Baptist Church in Meridian.  (Pastor Lifer is Jim Miller’s father-in-law.)  Afterwards, Christopher actually left messages on the church cell phone apologizing, and said that Miller and Roberts had given him bad information.  Subsequent to that apology, Terrence and Jimbo worked on Christopher some more, and he went further off the deep end and went beyond just slandering us orally but went on to slandering us in various venues on the internet.  It’s sad because he had really started to make some progress and realized he needed help for his insanity.  (Note:  Christopher was never a member of the assembly or the church and never even attended a service at CCIA; Patti and I just happened to meet him one night while we were out evangelizing, and realized he had problems, and wanted to help him.)

Consequence:  Christopher Shelton was just recently arrested for “sexual luring” on the internet.  In this case it is very sad, because this poor guy was “taken out” by two bad pastors who were involved in the slander campaign against me and the church.[7] 

Action:  Barbara Henson of the Meridian City Council also acted badly towards us.  We had tried to communicate for years to Mrs. Henson things involving Christianity in the South and the restoration of God's church; but after the arson and other hate crimes escalated, we interacted with her in her official capacity privately and in public forums at the city council meetings regarding her part in the city council taking the responsibility according to law.[8] [9] Then her husband took very sick and was recovering, and it seemed that he had recovered completely; but during the time of his recovery, Mrs. Henson was very cocky, arrogant, rude, and mean to Patti and me, and her husband took a turn for the worse.

Consequence:  Mr. Henson died.  As you know, Mrs. Henson told my executive assistant personally that among her husband's dying words were, "Don't have anything to do with the Demerses or those people--do not meet with them."  (Remember, her husband used to work for the Meridian Fire Department.)

Action: Chuck Sanders is a person whose hypocrisy contributed to the murder of one of his associates’ wives (a woman named Sandra Bouder), and prior to that I had tried to minister to him concerning the fact that the false beliefs that he held had helped to precipitate the murder.  In addition, I even told him that his own family was being hurt by believing the falsehoods that he taught and had been taught at his church.

Consequence:  One of his handsome young sons died shortly thereafter.

These things are only a smattering of the kinds of things that have happened... 

So perhaps you could just be patient and watch what we believe God will do in Meridian, Mississippi as He does wherever we are. 

I know that from your standpoint, it seems terrible that Patti and I have to suffer so greatly because of the persecution by some and the apathy of others.  But that’s part of our expectation.  In the New Testament it says that all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted (2 Timothy 3:12).  And it also says that all the world is in the power of the devil (evil one/enemy/adversary) (1 John 5:19).  Of course, that would include mayors and governors and police and lawyers and judges and members of the FBI, etc.  So, they just can’t help themselves in acting so terribly. It’s like when the authorities and the church people at the time of Jesus crucified Him.  As you can see by the things that have happened, certainly there is somebody that is doing these things to bring affliction on them for afflicting us.  There is some unseen force that is doing these things.  We prefer to believe that force is the God of Abraham. 

Those people who should come around and give us justice will do so when God so deems, as Cyrus and Darius did in the Old Testament prophets Ezra & Nehemiah.  Even though Cyrus and Darius were not followers of the God of Abraham, and were not involved in the religious beliefs of the people rebuilding God’s temple, God still used them and their authority to help the people who were rebuilding God’s temple.  And, of course, any intellectual reading of the Bible as a whole will clearly illustrate that the rebuilding of the temple and the city in Ezra and Nehemiah is a type of the restoration of God’s church that is called for and indicated in Acts 3:19-21. 

What you’re witnessing in all this should be proof positive to you that there is some spiritual reality that exists in this world that is also involved in this ministry—a spiritual reality that the forces of darkness are against.  Indeed, Berachot, our ministry is to restore a broken, devastated church.  Reading Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the other prophets, after reading Acts 3:19-21, makes it clear that God’s church has been devastated, for there is no need for restoration unless there is first devastation. 

I have the difficult yet wonderful mission to preach the reality of what needs to be done to bring about the restoration.  It should be clear to you that since Jews and Christians, Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor, black and white, are all against this ministry, that there is something more to all of this than just the physical happening.  In all this, Berachot, you might consider regaining the hope that you lost because of the hypocrisy in others.  And in reading your Bible again, perhaps you may consider returning to the God of your ancestors. 

A final note:  Remember, Patti and I could become wealthy if we did it "their" way by suing in the courts.  You’re not the only one who advises us in this way.  Many powerful center-of-influence people, both in and out of government, in many parts of the country and beyond, have given us this advice.  And were our goal to beat down our adversaries and take their wealth, the cases and evidence would be “open and shut,” and in each instance there would be multimillion dollar judgments.  And of course, the media would be forced to act properly.   

But vengeance is God’s, and our objective is to please Him.  And I don’t think you realize that all they’ve done over these nearly 30 years has only proven that there is substance to what we are saying, which those who are evil fear.  If we die, we die.  But now we live.  I want you to know, Berachot, we pray daily that those currently in places of authority and responsibility will do the right thing, so there is a safe environment in which God’s church can be restored. 


P.S.  As usual, I offer my repeated apologies.  As you know, I don’t do my own typing and I don’t have a large staff.  So, I apologize that this has been a long time coming and may be a little “choppy”—some of the editing was done long distance, and also my penmanship (which I left raw) as you may remember, is terrible, so that makes it harder on the typist.  Moreover, the last few years have been very hard on Patti.  We are both in our 60’s as you know, and it is hard for me to get these types of things accomplished with all that’s going on.  I have been trying to get some rest for Patti, as well; this has all been extremely hard on her, emotionally and physically.  So, I’m sorry that this letter has taken so long to get to you.  It is interesting what has happened since I put the above thoughts down on paper in rough draft form back on August 24, 2009. 

Since then, as you know, Benny Dubose [10] was removed from being Meridian’s police chief, and Jeff Homan was removed from the Meridian Fire Department’s chief position.  Dean Harper was removed from the captain’s position that he compromised his integrity for. 

And, where is John Robert Smith[11]?  Sure, he found a new position somewhere.  But, do you not realize the turmoil he has been going through for these past years?  And the torment his family has gone through?

And, as I mentioned, what about the corrupt chief of police that John Robert Smith used to deny us our rights—Benny Dubose?  Where is he?  He’s out.  And do you not realize what it’s like for a person in Benny’s position? …What a torment it is to know that you’ve sold your soul and yet continued to live? 

Benny Dubose’s own nephew met my wife and me when we were out evangelizing one time, and was heartbroken to find that his uncle was involved in the corruption.  We were discussing, as we often do, our ministry of the restoration of God’s church...because this ministry is obviously involved in preaching the real truth from the Bible, which is ignored, not understood, or not believed by the apostate church, we were discussing the fact that the restoration of all things has been ignored by the churches from the time of the early church…that‘s why their Messiah hasn’t returned, and, as expected from Biblical admonitions concerning those who preach the Truth, we receive all kinds of persecution from all quarters, including government and clergy.  

We were making the point, as we usually do when we are evangelizing, that there must be some importance to what we are saying that we would receive such persecution from these people in the Bible belt, when they never do these things to other churches they don’t agree with.  We made the point that these entities, including the churches and local government, are involved in this persecution to keep the truth about the Bible from coming out.   So of course, then, in our conversation with this person (we didn’t know who he was), we talked about the fact that the house was burned by arsonists (and the preachers’ role in that), and that there was no police investigation because Mayor Smith ordered the chief of police not to investigate. 

He said, “Chief of police?  You mean Benny Dubose?”  We said, “Yes.”  And he said, “That’s my uncle!”  We told him to go on your website and see for himself that it was not anybody’s opinion, but it was from actual documents from the police computers in Meridian that proved his uncle’s involvement in the deprivation of our civil rights in the hate crimes.  Patti and I told him not to go by what we said, but to look for himself, and that the documented evidence was on the Arm of Justice’s website.  Subsequent to that, the same type of thing happened with Benny Dubose's son. 

And what of the fire chief, Jeff Homan, who replaced Tim Miller when Miller left the city employ because he wouldn’t be involved in the corruption and couldn’t get anyone else to do the right thing?  Tim Miller even tried to get the feds to do the right thing, but even they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) because the corruption was all around them.  It’s the same corruption that controls the current mayor and controlled the past mayor, and Tim Miller couldn’t take it anymore.  

So Miller left and was replaced with a “chump,” Jeff Homan[12].  And, where is Homan now?  He’s out.  Oh, he’s got another position now, too, and he may be exalted with the position as President of the Mississippi Fire Chiefs Association, but don’t you realize his internal torment that he had to sell his soul to cover up the hate crimes?  Don’t you realize how terrible it must be to see that evil in himself?  How tormenting it must be?  He knew he was replacing an honest chief so that he, Jeff Homan, could be used to cover up arson, murder attempts and hate crimes.  He’s not just set aside; he has to know that he was an evil pawn in a big evil scheme, and that he allowed himself to be used in that way.

These “gentlemen” know inside that they are scum, even though externally they present a proud and “proper” appearance.  These “gentlemen” know that they are corrupt and desolate within, and men that can’t be trusted by the society that employs them, and yet have to look their children and wives in the eye…can you imagine the internal torment they live with?  They claim to be Christians, yet they live their lives contrary to the teachings of their Messiah.  The hypocrisy is like a cancer within.  Each waking moment they receive their recompense in their mind and their heart.* 

Do you know what it must be like to be Dean Harper?  He sold his soul and gave up his integrity for a promotion to captain…but where is he now?  He’s not a captain after all…and what does he see when he looks in the mirror?[13] And even if he gets his promotion back, he’ll always know that he sold his soul.  Can you imagine what it must be like to know that people think you’re an honest guy, but to know that you sold your soul to cover up hate crimes?  That you helped your mayor, your city council, and your corrupt police chief to deprive people of their civil rights?  To know that you are no different than a Nazi who worked at Auschwitz?  Yes, Berachot, you may see what’s on the outside—that they have good jobs or nice retirements, but the real justice from God is the torment they will live with until they die, and the judgment they will face from Him.

Our vindication will come in time, in God’s time, by God’s hand, and it will be complete, and all will know that God has been with us through it all.  And we’re doing God’s work.  And they’ll all be put to shame who spoke against us.

"Behold, all those who are angered at you will be shamed and dishonored; those who contend with you will be as nothing and will perish.”  Isaiah 41:11 

“Yet a little while and the wicked man will be no more;  and you will look carefully for his place and he will not be there.”  Psalm 37:10

And once more, remember Isaiah 54:17, which says:

“'No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,And their vindication is from Me,' declares the LORD.”  

I know that this is all hard for you because you’ve lost your faith in the Creator of the universe, my dear friend Berachot…I have hope that through all of this your faith has been regained.  May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have mercy on His remnant and on those of us who work in His service, and may He arise and scatter His enemies.  May He act as our dread champion, doing the fighting for us.  May all those who have been waiting in hope come to the point of joy.

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.”  Psalm 126:5 



*This is obviously witnessed in the Kennedy family, who are driven by the same torment, knowing that their social positions and wealth were initially derived from corruption and crime.  And so we can see the Kennedys striving to erase this inner guilt, and in the process destroying themselves and their families.   And this continues throughout each generation, as they try to “give back” to the society that they pimped and used so terribly to gain their position.   And as you know, Berachot, from living up there—anybody who knows what’s going on with the individuals in that family knows the various torments that they are all living in.  

[1] Reminder:  All following footnotes were inserted upon publication by me, Berachot Levine, to assist the reader with more facts to aid in their understanding of the subject material.

[3] Berachot’s note: The way that the harm was accomplished is explained in part in: and WADE DEMERS WAS FRAMED!

[8] (Berachot’s note:  MS Code 21-8-27: “…the council shall have THE POWER TO INVESTIGATE any part of the municipal government and for that purpose to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.”   MS Code 21-8-13. General powers and duties of council.  (4) The council, in addition to such other powers and duties as may be conferred upon it by this chapter or otherwise by general law, may require any municipal officer, in its discretion, to prepare and submit sworn statements regarding his official duties, and otherwise to investigate the conduct of any department, office or agency of the municipal government.) 


[13] See THE "GOOD GUY" BAGS HIMSELF - DEAN HARPER OF THE MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI POLICE DEPARTMENT, and Dean Harper Quote of the Week in QUOTE(S) OF THE WEEK! (Click on each quote title to see entire quote)



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