Based on the letters I have received from Pastor Demers recently, (PASTOR DEMERS ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE WORK OF THIS WEBSITE (Copy of His Letter to Berachot Levine), PASTOR DEMERS FURTHER ATTEMPTS TO PERSUADE BERACHOT) as well as a recent discussion I have had with him (of which I hope to obtain a transcript), I have made the decision that, at a point, I will be discontinuing adding any new material to this website.  Only the articles that are in the existing “pipeline” will be added.  And I have listed all those that are coming under “Coming Soon.”  Click here to view the list:  COMING SOON (A Preview of Coming Items)

This website will remain up for anyone who may wish to view/read the articles, documents, letters, and photos contained herein.  If I am able to get a transcript in print, I will also be putting up a transcript of the discussion I had with Pastor Demers.

One of the points that Pastor Demers made in our discussion was that, just as the apostle Paul used the “modern” transportation of his day when it was needed for God’s purpose, Apostle/Pastor Demers may use the modern “information superhighway” (the internet) for a time,  for God’s purpose, and may have a website launched for him, to explain just what it is that causes the people to want to kill him as they did Stephen, the prophets of old, and Jesus Christ himself.

The pastor’s executive assistant, Lucinda Johnson, is currently taking some courses in Meridian, Mississippi to find out how to construct and launch a website.

Whether or not that website is launched is not something that The Arm of Justice has any involvement in at all…Pastor Demers explained to me that if  he believes that “God” wants him to do it, he will.  

He explained to me that the pastors themselves do not understand that God’s people are “destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

According to Pastor Demers, the website, if launched by CCIA of Mt. Zion, will explain (for any who may wish to know—whether pastors or lay people) this knowledge that has been lost throughout the ages, which is still contained in the Bible but is not seen by the people, and is, in fact, kept from the people by the pastors—either by total omission, or by twisting, perverting, or misinterpreting the scriptures.

He said that the pastors don’t really understand the essence of what is explained in God’s word, the Bible, concerning the restoration of all things and the bride making herself ready as a prerequisite for the second coming of Jesus Christ (Acts 3:19-21 and Revelation 19:6b-8). He said that the pastors don’t even know or understand what the restoration of all things is, much less understand that God’s church must be restored before Jesus can come back a second time…because Jesus is coming back to that restored church, which is a spotless and blameless bride, who has made herself ready (2 Peter 3:14, Revelation 19:6b-8, 2 Corinthians 7:1).

And that bride is made up of wise virgins who have trimmed their own lamps (Matthew 25:1-12), as opposed to what the pastors teach, that Jesus does some kind of magical thing when He comes, and “zaps” the bride ready.

He explained that what the pastors teach about this is contrary to what it says in the Bible, because the Bible shows that it is a condition or a contingency that the bride must make herself ready before Jesus can come back.  Pastor Demers explained that the scriptures make it clear that Jesus is not coming back until the bride makes herself ready.  The bride making herself ready is the end result of the process of the restoration of all things as spoken about in Acts 3:19-21. 

So, he says that obviously the desolate or decimated church has been believing the falsehoods that are being taught, and also doesn’t know at all what it hasn’t been taught by the pastors, who don’t even understand what they are supposed to teach.  And Pastor Demers says that this is what the scriptures mean that say “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) and that all the pastors are without understanding (Isaiah 56:10-11)

He also gave me some interesting reading on the matter in Jeremiah 23…he pointed out that in verse 20 it clearly says that in the end times you will clearly understand this passage, and he showed me in Jeremiah 10:21 where it says the pastors have become stupid and have not sought the Lord.  If the people believe what the pastors teach (it’s called the apostasy), they don’t think they have to make themselves ready, and so they are not making themselves ready—they are not even trying, and even if they were to try, they wouldn’t know how (Hosea 4:6).

Pastor Demers says that the bride doesn’t think she has to make herself ready, so she hasn’t—and the devil is laughing, and Jesus hasn’t come back because of this.  And the church is not where she thinks she is, because she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know, and that’s why God says His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge—God uses the word “destroy”…He doesn’t say, “they’ve just got some kind of problem.”  God’s word is destroyed. That’s why she needs to be restored and that’s why Pastor Demers has a ministry…and he said that this is why the devil is trying to stop his ministry, because the devil likes the status quo and so the devil is trying to keep this teaching away from the people.

Pastor Demers explained that the pastors are being used by the devil to teach this falsehood to the people, to keep the people from doing what God has said is required for the bride to make herself ready resulting in Jesus’ return.  He said that the devil has a vested interest in keeping the people from knowing this, because according to the Bible, when Jesus comes back, the devil is bound for 1000 years and then he (the devil) goes into the lake of fire.

Pastor Demers explained that a reading of Isaiah 54 and 55, and the first 9 verses of Isaiah 56 show that Isaiah 56:10-11 is an end time prophecy.  And the problem is, as explained in those last two verses, that the pastors don’t understand that the restoration that is talked about in those verses is the same restoration that is talked about in the scripture Acts 3:19-21…and that, as God said, the pastors are without understanding—they really don’t understand the Bible, but they think they do, and that is why the people are destroyed—the people don’t understand the Bible either, although they think they do.

 Pastor Demers further explained that, just as the church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-17), the people of today’s Christianity, think they’re “all set” when they’re not; they’ve all been deceived, just like the people in Laodicea thought they were all set when they weren’t.  Pastor Demers says that the people are believing what the pastors tell them instead of reading the whole Bible and believing what God has explicitly stated…they are believing the interpretations of the various religious groups and individuals, as opposed to believing what God has stated, and so they are being deceived.

Obviously, as a Jewish atheist, this is all a bit much for me, but I am just trying to relay this information to you as best I can, regarding some of what Pastor Demers told me in our discussion.  And as I said, I am going to try to get a transcript of the full discussion if I am able.

But my reason for backing off with the website, at least temporarily, is that I do not have an explanation of what is causing the fall and destruction and exposure of so many of the people that have tried to hurt this couple and their ministry, and the fact that though the Demerses are crushed, they are never really “taken out.”

I suppose that there are some that will say it was “karma,” or “what goes around comes around,” but just maybe there is something out there that cares about justice.  For now I’m in the “waiting room,” but as Pastor Demers has asked me to do, I am going to patiently watch and see if this unseen force of justice really exists. 

I’m leaving the website up so that people can view it if they wish.  Part of my reason for leaving it up is that I just want a record of what’s been done to these people and, as well, of what has not been done by those who should do something.

Again, I am just incredulous at how, in this nation that is so concerned about such things as protecting alligators and certain kinds of insects, and fighting for the rights of people to dress in immodest clothes, and all of the other crazy things that people in this country fight for—like worrying about what happens to dogs—that this situation which has to do with people being hurt is ignored at every level of government and society. 

This too makes me think that maybe there is a spiritual aspect to all of this, and that perhaps what the Bible states—that the entire world is in the power of evil and those who stand with good are few—is true.  Perhaps, just perhaps maybe this is all true.   



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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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