Meridian’s New Mayor and Administration are

Admonished, Informed, and Advised

 Concerning the Law and Their Responsibility

The victims of the hate crimes, including the pastor, his wife, and the members and attendees of Christ’s Church In Action (CCIA) had been repeatedly rebuffed by the former administration of Meridian, Mississippi regarding the hate crimes committed against them and their attempts to obtain equal protection under the law and relief from the continuing deprivation of their rights by the administration, government, and authorities in Meridian, Mississippi.[1]

Of course, that is understandable because the mayor and members of that administration[2] were involved directly in the criminal activity regarding the hate crimes, had instigated and continued the deprivation of rights, had perpetrated the slanders and created the deceptions preventing proper authorities at higher levels from acting, and did not want to be exposed for what they were doing and had done.  

However, it is beyond me why this new administration appears to be acting no differently.  Because of this, we here at The Arm of Justice chose to contact and admonish the new administration directly.  The feeling was that perhaps the new administration is naïve, and should know what to do, but perhaps they did not realize their legal responsibility and authorities that they have and need to exercise in this case.  Two letters I have written which have been delivered to the new mayor (and have been ignored) immediately follow, with some of my comments succeeding.

[1] And of course, the situation includes falsehoods created and provided by the previous administration, keeping authorities at the state and federal levels in Meridian and beyond from acting according to law. (See the specific references to the “straw man” which I have highlighted in yellow, in the following articles: QUOTE(S) OF THE WEEK! (Click on each quote title to see entire quote)  (AG Jim HOOD), "THE MAYOR'S SIDESHOW" or "JOHN ROBERT (and his cronies) BEHIND THE SCENES" , and PASTOR DEMERS HAS SUBMITTED SOME QUESTIONS THAT, IN PRUDENCE, HE FELT NEEDED TO BE ASKED.)

[2] It should be noted that, even though there have been changes in the present administration, some of the perpetrators still work for the city.




The Arm of Justice 


August 27, 2009  

Honorable Cheri Barry

Mayor of Meridian

2412 7th Street
Post Office Box 1430
Meridian, Mississippi 39302-1430



Dear Mayor Barry: 

Christ’s Church In Action (CCIA), its pastor and his wife, members, and attendees are (and continue to be) victims of serious hate crimes in your city. I have been interacting directly with the executive assistant to the church, Lucinda Johnson, who is currently handling these matters for the church, and I am more than deeply concerned over recent happenings and what is not happening regarding this grave matter. 

These hate crimes, as you know, include arson, a $75,000.00 total loss,[1] a government cover-up of that arson, government aiding and abetting of that arson, death threats, murder attempts, assaults, harassment, slander, as well as the inveigling, undermining, kidnapping, and brainwashing of minor children. 

Beyond a normal human concern, your position and office have a responsibility as yet unfulfilled in these matters.[2]  

Allow me to elucidate some facts, so that you and your legal counsel will see this clearly. 


The cover-up and media blackout was also initiated by the mayor and a number of his cronies in cooperation with the chief of police (Benny Dubose), police detective Andrew Havard, and CAO Ken Storms. This cover-up included the slander campaign and the two “straw men” of defrauded information concerning: 1) the arson and 2) the kidnapping of the children. The cover-up also included the mayor’s and others’ direct intimidation of the former Meridian, Mississippi Fire Department Battalion Chief/then Fire Department Chief Tim Miller and Meridian Fire Department Investigator Vince Vincent. 

Noto Bene:

1.      The arsonists, prior to the burning of the house, threatened the pastor of CCIA. A group of approximately 15 men, in person, threatened the pastor, his wife, and another member of CCIA, that if the pastor didn’t stop his preaching they were going to “do something.” (The people who made the threat were from one black church that previously had made many threats against the pastor of CCIA. One of the three pastors of that church had attempted to murder CCIA’s pastor on the street in front of the parsonage and in front of two of the children of CCIA’s pastor. The attempted murder was committed with fists; this person was a former golden gloves boxer.)

2.      The best information indicates that:

a.       A white hate group burned a circle in the grass around the other house owned by CCIA, shortly after the threat was made by the black group in #1, above and b, below.

b.      Black church leaders from that other church “torched” CCIA’s building the night the circle was burned in the grass around it. These same leaders were also involved in the kidnapping of the children.

3.      Former mayor of Meridian, Mississippi, John Robert Smith, insured there would be no media coverage of the fire during or after, and to this day.

4.      The former mayor, with the present chief of police (Benny Dubose) and one Detective Andrew Havard, insured that no real investigation was done into the arson. The victims were not even contacted.[3]

5.      This occurred for over one year after the arson. A follow-up attempt to defraud an investigation and create a “straw man” (so it could be made to appear that there was an investigation) was orchestrated by the former mayor, John Robert Smith, the former CAO, Ken Storms, and was executed by Meridian Police Detective Andrew Havard.

6.      The activity in point #6, above, included the creation, continuation, and dissemination of the “straw man,” to prevent any further help from being received from any other legitimate authority, including those at the state or federal level that the victims, in prudence and according to law, contacted to get relief.

7.      The above named (and others) also created, continued, and disseminated (with malicious intent) slander[4] and deprivation of rights which continue to this day.

8.      The mayor used various departments within the city administration to harass CCIA.

9.      Minor children were inveigled, undermined, kidnapped, and then heinously and illegally abused by the courts, subsequently removed from the COUNTRY and brainwashed and, in my opinion, irreversibly harmed. This was done to three minor children. Here, too, a “straw man” was fabricated by government entities. The “official” story and the heinous reality are totally incongruent.


The city government (and elements thereof) was, and is, behind the creation and continuation of this horror.


It is clear that the new administration should, according to law, common sense, and decency: 

Ø      Take actions to make the victims whole;

Ø      Publish the truth to free the victims from the dangerous and prejudicial atmosphere;

Ø      Eliminate or re-educate all city personnel who were/are involved with aiding/abetting the criminal activity (moving for proper investigation/prosecution should be considered as a deterrent);

Ø      Inform all government agencies contacted by the victims and misled by the former administration, and formally and completely publish the truth of what happened;

Ø      Formally and publicly apologize to the victims as truth is revealed, assuring that this process is not repeated, and that the darkness of the damage and prejudice is shattered by the light of truth, thus ensuring that:

a.       the process is not repeated or continued;

b.      the victims are free of the atmosphere of violence; and

c.       the children and others who have been frightened away are freed to return. 

The new mayor and her staff and the city’s new attorney should respect these citizens of Meridian, Mississippi (the victims) equally with the rest of the populace of Meridian, Mississippi, and review all of the materials which have been provided to all of you.

Until now, this has not been done, and is painfully shameful.

The mayor has repeatedly said statements to the victims regarding these situations, which were and are highly insulting to the intelligence of the victims, indicating her total lack of knowledge of the facts.

Also, the city attorney’s lack of outrage, especially concerning what was done to the minor children, indicates his total lack of awareness of the facts, or he has wrongfully believed the government’s fallacious “straw man” regarding the inveigling, undermining, brainwashing, and kidnapping of the children.

In my nearly 7 decades of life, I have not seen a more serious set of circumstances sorely needing to be addressed by an American city’s government and administration.

Hate crimes are not things that we leave behind or overlook—the victims should not be ignored or patronized, and the perpetrators, both past and ongoing, should not be allowed to escape public purview.

Though I am not a citizen of the City of Meridian, Mississippi, I urge you to embrace your responsibility and set aside politics and social concerns to do the jobs you were elected and/or are paid to do.

(And, for those of you who are advising this new mayor, she needs integrity and ethics to rule your input, for it is only politics and social interactions that heretofore have kept law and justice from ruling in Meridian, Mississippi.)

I write as a concerned, observing, and knowledgeable American citizen. I respectfully request a response, rather than callousness, apathy, and rudeness. 

These are not potholes—they are people; they should be fixed. 

Very truly yours,


Berachot Levine

for The Arm of Justice

c/o xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx, XX xxxxx


cc: Mr. Bill Ready, Attorney for the City of Meridian

       Mr. Kirk Thompson, Executive Advisor to the Mayor

[1] with no insurance on house or contents—this loss certainly had a much better chance of being recovered, had a proper investigation been done.

[2] If I may remind you of the oath of office which you took, in pertinent part:  "I, (Cheri Barry) do hereby solemnly swear that I am not disqualified from holding the office of (mayor) to which I have been appointed, that I will support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution and Laws of the State of Mississippi and the Laws and Ordinances of the City of Meridian during my continuance in office…”

[3] It should be noted that fire officials at this time were telling the victims that there was interference from the mayor’s office and the police department, and that a proper investigation was not being done by the police department as should be done according to S.O.P.

[4] The slander is horrendous, and has put the victims in an atmosphere of hatred, prejudice, and ridicule which has resulted and continues to cause the results varying from denial of access to public places to violence. Of course, this was the intent of the perpetrators of the slander.



The Arm of Justice


August 28, 2009  

Honorable Cheri Barry

Mayor of Meridian

2412 7th Street
Post Office Box 1430
Meridian, Mississippi 39302-1430



Dear Mayor Barry: 

As stated previously, I have been interacting directly with the Executive Assistant of Christ’s Church In Action of Mt. Zion in Meridian, Mississippi, Lucinda Johnson, who is currently handling, for the church, these matters concerning the past and ongoing hate crimes that have been covered up by the former Meridian mayoral administration (which are continuing to this day because of inaction by the new administration and the continuation of what was set in motion by the prior administration). 

I don’t think that a city government should say to victims of crime, “Let’s just move on.”  Would you do that with a rapist as the victim lies in her tattered garments after the attack? Would you tell the victim, “Forget it, that’s all in the past…let’s move on”? 

In materials that I have read, I thought that the new mayor of Meridian said something to the effect that she wanted to watch out for the welfare of everybody in the city. Does that exclude the politically or socially unpopular? 

You have a responsibility to your city to keep your word. You “Christians” are funny—I thought your guy from Galilee said to keep your word. And I thought he didn’t like hypocrites. 

In the United States of America, we live under rule of law, and the Constitution. Acts in the purview of the mayor of a city are to be addressed and rectified. 

The mayor of a city has a responsibility to address divergence from rule of law or the constitution, directly, or reporting same to the proper authorities. If the proper authorities have been misinformed by previous administrations (a crime in itself), it is your responsibility to report the truth. 

You should be aware that misprision of felony is a crime. Do you understand that being aware of felonies and not reporting them is a crime in the United States[1]?  

To stick your head in the sand and say you don’t know is a shame and an untruth.  


Of course, I realize that your executive office does NOT have the power or authority to prosecute or investigate, and so do the church members and attendees. (Please stop insulting their intelligence and yours by acting as if you don’t realize that they know this.) 


I’m sure you realize that as the mayor you certainly have the responsibility to ensure that all entities in the city employ fulfill their legal responsibility. 

Further it should be noted here that the city council has the authority to investigate city government: 

            MS Code § 21-8-13. General powers and duties of council.

                (4) “The council, in addition to such other powers and duties as may be conferred upon it by this chapter or otherwise by general law, may require any municipal officer, in its discretion, to prepare and submit sworn statements regarding his official duties, and otherwise to investigate the conduct of any department, office or  agency of the municipal government.”

                MS Code § 21-8-27. Control of mayor and his subordinates by council.

“…the council shall have the power to investigate any part of the municipal government and for that purpose to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.”

As mayor, in the interest of the city, you should, at the very least, publicly express your concern and request the city council of Meridian, Mississippi to investigate city employees allegedly involved (past and present) in the harassment, cover-up, and aiding and abetting, including, but not limited to, those where hard evidence (which we have here at The Arm of Justice) proves their involvement. Among these would be police Chief Dubose, former city attorney William Hammack, police Captains Harper and Sharpe, police Detectives Havard and Massie, former city employee Wallace Heggie, building official Mary Ruth Sharp, and housing inspector Bobby Vance.

I am sure that a proper investigation according to Mississippi Code will reveal more than what has already been proven in the documentation which we already have[2], which includes, but is not limited to, raw documents from Meridian’s police computers, as well as actual signed letters on official stationery from numerous departments in Meridian’s municipal government.[3]

In my estimation, your refusal to do this would be aiding and abetting. If you continue to say “there’s nothing I can do,” you’ll expose yourself to the culpability of neglect and misprision of felony, and perhaps from a legal standpoint, passive culpability in a RICO conspiracy to deprive rights under color of law.[4]

Take it from an older and more experienced gentleman, the concept of “the buck stops here” falls on the plate of the chief executive—that’s you, Ms. Barry.[5] (And remember your oath of office, Ms. Barry.[6]

In regards to any renegade activity contrary to law, the mayor of a city has the responsibility and mandate to, by executive order, insure that all who report to and through the mayor accomplish their responsibilities, and cease from any illegal acts of commission or omission. Further, if the chief executive of the city does not have the direct authority to rectify a wrong within that city, that chief executive has the responsibility to: 

1.      Inform the proper authorities completely and openly;

2.      Further warn or advise the population of Meridian, Mississippi of the illegal and unethical activities and/or unconstitutional activities within the city. 

Additionally, regarding any illegal or criminal or unconstitutional acts accomplished by the previous administration, imposing damage upon any member of the citizenry of Meridian, such damage continuing and unrectified until the present, again let me state that it is also your responsibility to either:  

Ø      act directly if you have the executive authority over the offenders and by federal law under misprision of felony and common law, or

Ø       inform the proper authorities if you do not have the authority over the individuals. (And again I repeat, don’t allow your older or younger advisors to do a political “dance” and dissuade you. Look at what’s happening to former President Bush because he allowed that, or set it up.) 

Meridian will never be the Queen that Cheri Barry speaks of until Cheri Barry is a fearless servant of that city, and does not succumb to politics or social pressure. 

The previous administrations have not been the proper servants and that is why the Queen has lost her place of eminence.  

My suggestion as an older person and perhaps a more experienced person, Ms. Mayor, is that I would exhort you to “step up to the plate.” This isn’t some social service…this is real life and death, and you are the mayor. The buck stops with you; even the present president of our country has publicly taken responsibility for things done anywhere in his executive responsibility, both good and bad.  He has not tried to hide, nor has he lied.  

And to trample over the rights of victims of heinous hate crimes that continue to this day, on the lame and deceptive excuse that it was the previous administration’s fault, is certainly contrary to the principles that you portrayed during your campaign. 

Your handling of this matter up until now, before the election and after, indicates that you are either sorely misinformed or lacking in the intellectual capability for your job. And it is certainly clear that you have not taken the time to review all of the materials that have been given to you by various sources other than those from the city who are allegedly involved in the hate crimes. 

I hope I’ve made it clear what any reasonable thinking person already knows—whatever happens in Meridian, Mississippi is your responsibility—pick up that responsibility and act with integrity and without fear, for the betterment of your Queen, and she will be restored to the condition that you are seeking. 

IF you continue acting as the previous administration did, your Queen will continue to founder and spiral down until she is nothing more than a harlot. I hate to be so blunt, but I grow weary of the games of politics and social pressure at the expense of human lives and damage to the quality of life of those not in your inner circle. 

I have been made quite aware of the details of your expressed philosophy of your campaign, and to be trite, “Put up or shut up.” 

You are either bringing something new to Meridian, or you are just going to fall into the same molds and ruts created by those who have gone before you. 

Quite frankly, if you will look into this case in detail, it will help you to clean out some of the filth in your administration and law enforcement and fire department. 

This is real, Ms. Mayor…you are facing what all persons in your position face. Are you going to be real, or are you going to be a “business as usual” politician?  

Some may say, “Well, politics is reality.” I thought it was your goal to change reality and to bring your Queen to her former eminence. 

This case and situation is your test—the test of your integrity, the test of your mettle, and the test of whether or not this thing about Jesus is real with you or you are just like the rest of them—another hypocrite. I think he’s the one who said treat other people the way you’d want to be treated. 

The victims of the hate crimes that continue in your city are people, too. 

Very truly yours,


Berachot Levine

for The Arm of Justice

c/o  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx, XX xxxxx


cc: Mr. Bill Ready, Attorney for the City of Meridian

     Mr. Kirk Thompson, Executive Advisor to the Mayor

[1] TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 1 > § 4  Misprision of felony:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. 

[2] Some of this documentation is posted on the website and thus available worldwide. We’ve had lots of users from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Colombia, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and China, as well as, of course, many locally there in your city of Meridian. So, perhaps it is time that you find out what is available to the rest of the world about what’s going on concerning hate crimes in Meridian, Mississippi, because now it’s YOUR watch.

[3] As stated previously, some of the documentation is on the website, but the bulk of it is in our hands here in New England with The Arm of Justice, and in the hands of CCIA’s church administration in Meridian, Mississippi.

[4] I will be sending you another letter to address this point.

[5] And don’t let any older or experienced or, in your mind, more legally minded advisor try to dissuade you from that reality. After all, you ARE the mayor.

[6] "I, (Cheri Barry) do hereby solemnly swear that I am not disqualified from holding the office of (mayor) to which I have been appointed, that I will support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution and Laws of the State of Mississippi and the Laws and Ordinances of the City of Meridian during my continuance in office…”

(end of letters--Berachot's final comments below:)________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am shocked and incredulous that this new mayor and administration have not acted swiftly to expose what was done and what is still being done, that they have not acted to rectify these matters, and that they have not acted to see that justice is achieved through the proper legal channels.

The new mayor has made verbal commitments which she has not kept, including her telling the victims (prior to and immediately after the election) that she would sit down with them all together after the election.  No action has been taken on this.  A number of weeks after the election, she spoke briefly to one of the church members and an attendee, and made a specific commitment to act on a specific matter, and it has been 7 ½ weeks and she has not kept her word.

She is appearing to use the same tactics that people in government authority use when, for political/social reasons, they don’t want to exercise their responsibility in behalf of certain constituents that they consider unimportant to themselves.  She has made empty promises, and one of the tactics she is using is:  returning a call to a victim and leaving a message if she doesn’t reach the victim, but then not returning their call when the victim calls her back.  Then, after days go by, and the victim calls again, the mayor does not return that call, either.  (She doesn’t even have a staff member get back to the victim.)  Now the victim is in the bad position of trying to keep calling and then faces the possibility of being branded a “nuisance”…it’s the same old game with a new face.  (See 25 DISGUSTING TACTICS USED BY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT UNKNOWN TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN--pay special attention to Tactics #1 and #3.) 

As you know, Pastor Demers wrote me a letter which I posted here on the website, urging me to stop the work I have been doing (PASTOR DEMERS ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE WORK OF THIS WEBSITE (Copy of His Letter to Berachot Levine)).  For years he has tried to explain to me that he just trusts "God," and that even though actions are taken such as contacting the various agencies who are supposed to act according to law, that justice comes from "God" and he simply "waits on God."  Of course, I have a problem with that, being a Jew who has turned atheist because of the way I see so-called "good people," Christians and Jews, turning their backs in apathy and/or doing these terrible things to the victims.

It is inexplicable to me how, logically, these so-called good people can do this—it puzzles me.

I have read Pastor Demers’ letter over and over again, and I still don’t understand why these things happen.  I have posted the letters above, because, in my frustration in no one lifting a finger to help the victims, I still think that perhaps an outside observer’s point of view might jar someone into action of any kind, even a letter written to someone, or perhaps someone with a conscience in the media writing something or saying something.

At this point, I must say, after seeing that the new administration has done nothing, I am really irritated and angry.  You see, justice delayed is justice denied.  The victims have waited for years and have been victimized for years; the new administration was supposed to act quickly to begin to rectify and remedy these terrible things that have been done and are still being done to these people in that city.

I had sent the letters you have read above, certified, to Mayor Barry, Kirk Thompson (the mayor’s executive advisor), and Meridian, Mississippi City Attorney Bill Ready.  (The letters were sent from our headquarters in New England on August 31, 2009.)  The letters were received and signed for a few days later, and I have waited for a response.  I have not been contacted by any of them, and none of the victims have been contacted.  (See 25 DISGUSTING TACTICS USED BY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT UNKNOWN TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN, Tactic #12.)

I am in a dilemma here—the type of suffering these people have been through (and are still going through) should be addressed, and it is being cruelly ignored.  The only thing I have to give me any understanding of this is that letter from Pastor Demers, which seems to indicate that there is some kind of spiritual reality about this good and evil thing.  But, unfortunately, I am far away from being able to grasp that.

After I received the confirmation that those certified letters were received, I made contact with, and made arrangements for, the executive assistant to CCIA, Lucinda Johnson, in Meridian, Mississippi, to hand-deliver copies of the preceding letters along with other personal notes from me to the  parties involved.  These arrangements were made, and the correspondence was sent to CCIA, shortly after I mailed the certified letters, just in case (as I feared might happen), there was no response from those people.  After a week had gone by subsequent to the receipt of the certified mail, Lucinda Johnson was instructed by me to hand-deliver what I had sent her.   I waited again, and no response came.  This was all done PRIOR to the publication of these letters here on the website.  In other words, ample opportunity for response was given before the publication of these letters here on the website; there is no doubt that those people have received the mailtwice.  (The hand deliveries were accomplished on Thursday, September 10, 2009.)

Since you are reading this article, it indicates that, as I have stated, there has been no response from the mayor’s administration, and I feel that I was thus forced into publication, even though Pastor Demers says to “trust God.”  Like I said, that is hard to do for an atheist….

Since these are people’s lives and hate crimes, someone should consider doing the right thing before it is too late.  But no matter what happens, at least the truth has been published into the public record (and perhaps concerned individuals in Meridian, Mississippi and beyond will learn something about how hypocritical this so-called Christian nation is).

As stated before, this whole thing is quite frustrating for me.  And, of course, like a lot of other people, I’ve been advising the victims to sue in federal court—it would be a “slam dunk” under Title 18 and RICO.  And, if Pastor Demers and his wife are killed or die of natural causes, my inclination is to have The Arm of Justice sue on behalf of the church.

Up until now, Pastor Demers keeps saying things like this to me:  “God’s justice is true and sure, and the things of God and justice for His people cannot come from our court system in matters concerning God Himself and God’s plans for His church.”  He further explains, “If you’ll just study the history of persecution, this should be clear.”

Pastor Demers has indicated to me that he is going to give me more evidence and data in another letter he is writing which, in anticipation, I have pre-named:  “PASTOR DEMERS' ATTEMPT TO FURTHER PERSUADE BERACHOT.”  He claims that this evidence and data will show that the justice due in this case has not and will not escape the notice of “God.”  He has been admonishing me that if I was more patient, I would see what has already been done and what will be done.

Pastor Demers also told me to read these scriptures:  Isaiah 54:17, Isaiah 42:3-4, Isaiah 40:27-31, and Isaiah 49, the whole chapter.  I did, and I can see what he is saying from his point of view.  It looks like his “God” says that he will take care of things.


for The Arm of Justice




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