We here at The Arm of Justice are people from all walks of life and varied racial and socio-economic backgrounds.  We are from different religious beliefs, and there are some agnostics and atheists.  We have one common desire:  to see that justice and truth are brought forth. 


Our physical location is in New England in the United States. We have been in operation for a number of years now, actually for more than 26 years.  Ironically, the Arm of Justice was originally formed because of persecution of the same ministry (Christ’s Church In Action of Mt. Zion) years ago in the State of Rhode Island. (See WADE DEMERS WAS FRAMED!THE SHELDON (WHITEHOUSE) CONNECTION

Because of that, even though there have been numbers of other situations that have been addressed by us on and off over the years due to injustice, it is, as I said, ironic that the situation we started with is the one that has brought us to the creation of this website. (Out of all the situations we have assisted in, this is the worst in terms of what has been done to these victims.)


I, Berachot Levine, the originator of the website,  would like to make it clear that I am not a member of CCIA nor am I involved in any way, shape or form with that church or the organization of Mt. Zion. I am just a concerned citizen involved with other concerned citizens to act against injustice.


I am of Jewish background and have become an atheist after seeing the hypocrisy of so many who call themselves Christians and Jews yet who won’t lift a finger to help their fellow man in situations such as this. The Christians don’t do what their own man from Galilee said (the “golden rule”—treat others the way you’d want to be treated), and the Jews have forgotten all too quickly what happened to us in the Holocaust, and act the same way as the people who turned a blind eye as we were taken to the gas chambers.


Back in the early days of the existence of The Arm of Justice, the internet was not commonly used as it is today, and we used other means to get our information out. (For example, we did 46 television shows exposing various injustices in Rhode Island and bringing down some key players in the corrupt Rhode Island system. We even published our own newspaper for awhile: The Trumpet Blower.) But with the persection coming back again on Christ’s Church In Action (CCIA) in the same fashion as was done in Rhode Island, and the internet being such a valuable and far-reaching means to transmit information, I decided to launch this website.


We have had to keep ourselves a bit "underground" due to death threats and the like, because we “fly in the face” of some very powerful people. Fortunately, justice has been served in quite a number of cases we have assisted in the past, both by the legal system and by fate.  We hope that any of you who obtain access to this site will become better informed about this particular situation, whether your interest is merely from curiosity or from a sincere desire to see justice done.  


Like we said, we ourselves keep a low profile due to death threats and threats to our families and jobs which we have received in the past.  Should you desire to contact us, our email address (justiceseekers@ymail.com) is the only way to do so at the present.  Serious inquiries will be answered as time permits. 


Berachot Levine






History of project

The site has been launched due to an increasing interest in the situation of our primary focus at this time, concerning deprivation of rights under color of law, denial of equal protection under the law, and other numerous crimes that have been committed against Pastor Wade Demers, his wife Patricia, and Christ's Church In Action (formerly of Rhode Island, now of Meridian, Mississippi).  The launching of this site is a combination response:  First, to parties who have specifically asked us for easier access to information and evidence;  second, a necessary response to the media blackout in Meridian and Mississippi regarding these crimes; and third, to the arrogance of the government officials and law enforcement people who think that their crimes will never be exposed due to the media blackout.

Our users

Our users are a combination of the curious, the caring, and the crooked....all are welcome!

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 "All that is required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing."










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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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