When interacting with the Demerses, I asked if they could provide me with some current pictures.  After seeing them, I asked Patti to give me some input--I mean, here's these two "ministers" who purportedly have taken "vows of poverty," appearing in an environment and mode of dress that one would think would only be reserved for the well-to-do.  And I would assume that there are many people who have met them under various circumstances who may wonder about this.  I think you will enjoy what Patti shared with me regarding this:

Pastor Demers and his wife's entire wardrobe in these photos cost a total of $32.00, including accessories (sandals, designer sunglasses, purse, and gold Seiko watch with sapphire stem).  These outfits, with accessories, were purchased locally in Meridian, Mississippi at thrift stores, tag sales, or estate sales.  For the nearly 24 years of their ministry together, these have been the source of virtually all their clothing, and additionally, there are times when they find "castoffs" in various places from the side of the road to garbage cans. 

Patti said that since much of their current ministry requires "upscale" dress, and since they have no real income or assets of their own, God makes provision for these needs in the same way he does for their housing, travel, and food.  She adds, "the way God brings together the matching elements of our outfits is awesome, isn't it?  THERE'S NOTHING TOO DIFFICULT FOR GOD."  And then she cites these verses from the Bible:   "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)  "...I have become all things to all men, so that I may by all means save some." (1 Corinthians 9:22)

The meal that they shared at this 5-star, elegant, bay-front resort restaurant was a special that God guided them to that they split...with 2 courses, for only $16.00.  And this is not a misprint:  non-alcoholic martinis for $.25 (yes, that's 25 cents) each.  Patti chose the Turtle Soup, and for the entree, she chose the Crispy Des Allemandes Catfish, with Tupelo honey glazed jalapeno cornbread, butter lettuce and cane marinated mirlitons with andouille ravigote. 

Patti said, "Of course, this was a bit extravagant...but this was a combination assignment that our Father sent us on:  the first was in evangelizing to numerous individuals, including the chief executive for a Belgian-based real estate mogul, a German financier, and a restaurateur who was going through a financial crisis, among others.  And the second purpose was, our Father was directing us to get away for a time for some quiet rest together, away from the intensity and stressfulness of the slander and persecution that is constantly upon us in Meridian."

Patti also shared this interesting insight from her unique point of view in the ministry:  "After nearly 24 years of being married to Wade, and being his partner in his ministry, and traveling with him to many various places throughout this nation and in other countries, I can clearly see the contrast between how  wonderfully we're treated whenever we're outside of our home base, contrasted with what we experience at our home base: the disheartening, sometimes shocking and even frightening experiences that the Bible so clearly states are the lot of those who choose the life we've chosen. Don't misunderstand--there's a distinct polarization in our home town of Meridian.  And I am speaking of those who are NOT involved with the church--many love us dearly and show us acts of kindness and respect whenever we are in their presence. 

"But then there are others who show us a viciousness which is almost beyond belief.  And sadly to say, many of these are those with the political, financial, and social power that control the happenings in our city.  And yes, as always, the true wisdom comes from the mouth of our Savior and King:  '...a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives, and in his own household.'  (Mark 6:4)  I remember quite clearly when God showed us that we were to be man and wife, that Wade said to me, 'You realize that marrying an apostle in these end times will put you on a roller-coaster ride that very few could imagine.'  And he read to me 1 Corinthians 4:9-14, 2 Corinthians 6:1-10,   2 Corinthians 11:23-31.  As usual, my husband's words were sure has been 'interesting.'  I love him dearly, and I love our Father in heaven, and I wouldn't trade places with anyone else on earth."

I asked Patti if she could express some of her perspective and feelings on her fairly unique life path. 

She replied, "I am edified and joyful knowing that Wade and I are serving the Living God, and blessed by the work He has given us, to the end that His church will be restored, and the bride will make herself ready for the return of our King and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ."  (Acts 3:19-21, Revelation 19:6b-8)

"I fully embrace our marvelous task, with all its pinnacles of triumph and inherent setbacks, dangers, and heartaches.  Though at times the frustration can be overwhelming, yet hope and trust in HIS WORD keep us persevering.  Wade and I are an inseparable team.  We have entered fully into the unity of the faith.  We are one in Him.   Indeed, I take great pleasure and find peace in working side by side with this dedicated, sincere, and loving man, and knowing I will be at his side until the end." (2 Peter 3:1-18)



For more pictures and information, go to: MORE RECENT PICTURES OF WADE AND PATTI--Brunch at the Country Club, MORE PICTURES OF WADE & PATTI - Their Accommodations, and Dinner at Camp Disaster, Patti & Wade at the Beach: MODESTY? STAND BACK, VICTORIA--CHECK OUT PATRICIA'S SECRET!, and PASTOR DEMERS ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE WORK OF THIS WEBSITE (Copy of His Letter to Berachot Levine)

For some information on the hate crimes and the persecution that Wade & Patti have experienced and are experiencing, see Letter to the City of Meridian-COVERUP OF AND PARTICIPATION IN ARSON, HATE CRIMES, AND PREJUDICE BY CITY GOVERNMENT EXPOSED, BERACHOT'S ANALYSIS, and WADE DEMERS WAS FRAMED!

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