or "25 Tactics for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies to Use to Keep from Doing Their Jobs"                                                                                              

These tactics were written down by Lucinda Johnson, Executive Assistant to Christ’s Church In Action. She first shared them with me when she had written down 18 of these tactics, and I included them in a letter I wrote to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood in July of 2008, a copy of which went to Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, with a personal letter to him, also. (Surprise! I received no response from either the attorney general or the governor. See tactic #12, below.)

Ms. Johnson had told me that she jotted down the tactics one day, from her personal experiences of being hurt by these tactics as she experienced, first hand, the corruption of government and law enforcement while trying to obtain equal protection under the law for her pastor, his wife, herself, and the other victims. (These other victims include present and former attendees and members of Christ's Church In Action who have been hurt by the crimes committed against the church.) The tactics have now expanded to 25; 22 and 23 were shared with the victims by former Meridian mayoral candidate Bill Marcy, a former Chicago policeman.  

This document has gone through several revisions and additions; although it has taken on a bit of a humorous tone a la sarcasm, it is a very serious matter.  I have written down some thoughts of my own regarding the 25 tactics, which will follow soon.    

-Berachot Levine



    or "25 Tactics for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies to Use to Keep from Doing Their Jobs" 

You, too can be corrupt! DON’T be fooled into acting according to law and ethics! 

 Integrity?  Perish the thought! 

 Why be honest when you can keep your job, your prestige, and keep your finger in the pie? 

 I know just what to do:


            1.  Ignore the crime, in hope that the victims will “go away” and get discouraged.


            2.  Pretend you are investigatingLie to the victims.


            3.  If victims persist, pacify the victims by making commitments that you don’t intend to keep, thus fooling the victims into thinking you will be acting according to law and doing your job so they will “go away,” thinking you are going to do something. 


            4.  When victims persist, commit slander and use any other tactics you can to turn things around and point at the victims as if they are the guilty parties. Even accuse the victims of having a “mental problem.”


            5.  Use threats of any kind, whether subtle or blatant.


            6.  Use active physical harassment of any kind, such as letters from the city demanding that evidence be destroyed (such as the letter from Bobby Vance, the housing inspector, less than 3 weeks after the ARSON which was committed against Christ’s Church in Action, demanding that victims {who have no money and no insurance} either fix up house or destroy it).


            7.  Use verbal harassment of any kind whenever the victims try to bring up the crimes that were committed against them. Use any and all agents of yours, and in addition use any friends/associates of yours from other offices to accomplish this. Make sure that there is an impenetrable wall of collusion/cooperation to make sure that the victims cannot get justice from anywhere. 


            8. Make sure that any “lone ranger,” who speaks up because he/she thinks that this should be looked into according to law, is properly “threatened” or “punished (such as the official who received calls from certain public officials and “clammed up” because it was made clear to him that his family and security were on the line, and the police officer who told the victims that, when he started asking questions around the police station, they “buried (him) on third shift”).


            9. Lie to the public, through media control and misleading/false/incomplete information, and when all else fails, completely black out the mediaKeep the public in the dark, preventing the normal public sympathy towards the victims and outrage towards the criminals, which would assist the victims.


            10.  Allow slander/libel in any form against the victims, while deleting, gagging, and banning the victims from speaking out. (Example: The Meridian Star Forum, where slander, lies, vulgarity, and threats against the victims were allowed to flourish, while the victims and anyone who dared to speak on their behalf were deleted and banned from the forum on pretense.)


            11. Aid, abet and support the local media’s blackout of the story, thus continuing to keep the populace totally misinformed and misled about what really happened; this aids in the slander and lies about the victims, and turns public opinion against them.


            12. Ignore any and all correspondence from victims and/or concerned parties.


            13.  Use government employees of any and all kinds to, insult, avoid, lie to, dodge, placate, and/or patronize the victims and anyone who would dare try to come to their aid.


            14.  Make it look like you are allowing the victims time to speak and make presentation of evidence (such as at a City Council meeting), but shut them down in 5 to 15 minutes, claiming that this is all that is allotted to anyone. Thus you can make it look like you let them speak and show evidence, when in reality there is, of course, no way they could have presented an accurate picture and presented the evidence in that small time frame. Meanwhile, the public again does not know that the law enforcement agencies, the mayor, and other government officials are lying and are not doing their jobs. In addition, the small picture that is presented of the victims, by the media, makes the victims look like they are “Looney tunes” (instead of victims of serious crime who have not been able to obtain justice from any law enforcement agencies, so are forced to go into any venue they can in order to try and get justice).


            15.  If victims still persist in trying to get justice, accuse the victims of telephone harassment.


            16.  Get someone to bring false charges against the victims; or--do it yourself!


            17. When victims persist, set up a meeting with them and tell them you will look at the evidence. At the meeting, don’t look at the evidence, but tell everyone else that you set up a meeting with the victims but that they didn’t have any evidence. (Tactic used by Mississippi Attorney General’s office – documented in a letter written to Scott Johnson, then director of the MS Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity, dated 9/20/07.)


            18.  "Pass the buck."  (Also known as giving the victims “the runaround.”)   Listen for a few minutes or so, and then tell the victims that they need to take it somewhere else: for example, the police, the Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney, etc. Tell the victims that this does not fall under your jurisdiction, so they need to go elsewhere; make sure that you do anything and everything to deflect responsibility away from yourself. This way, all agencies can just keep giving the victims the “runaround” and run them ragged for months and months and months, as every agency tells them to take the evidence to another agency.


            19.  Tell the victims to “get a lawyer.” (The victims of crime need a lawyer???)


            20.  Do a fake “investigation.” Ask a few questions to one or two people, and make a fake report so it looks like you did something. Thwart all efforts by the victims to obtain this report.  (Tactic used by Meridian Police regarding the arson against Christ’s Church in Action.)


            21.  Just Say No” to acting according to law and ethics. Simply refuse to take a complaint or any kind of action, but try to make it look like you have a legitimate reason. Say any kind of blathering lie you can come up with. Threaten the victims. Do ANYTHING, but JUST SAY (with your actions), “NO, I will not expose these crimes and this corruption in any way, shape or form.” (Tactic used by Chief Dubose and Lt. Sharpe of the Meridian Police Department, and many others as well.)


            22.  Try to get the victims upset using any tactic you can—belligerence, rudeness, insisting upon repeating things that are false, anything—and when victims become the least bit upset, say, “That’s it—this meeting is over!” Then, either leave the room or insist that the victims leave; “escort” them out if you must.


            23.  Stop the investigation and say the victims are not cooperating, if, for example, the victims suspect that you are not being honest and say something to you about it.


A reminder that tactics #22 and 23 were shared with the victims by a veteran of the Chicago Police force and former Meridian mayoral candidate Bill Marcy.  He explained these tactics to the victims before these tactics were actually used on the victims by one of the agencies.    He said that it shows that the agency really doesn't want to investigate, and these are some of the tricks used on the victims in a set up which traps the victims and takes the agency "off the hook."           


            24.  Offer anyone who assists the victims a “sweet deal” to stop assisting the victims. This tactic was used on Bill Marcy, who had spoken out against the injustices that have been brought upon these victims, had accompanied the victims to see some law enforcement entities, and had made a commitment to continue to assist and to speak out, which he has since broken. Without going into the details here, we have knowledge that someone in a position to do so offered something to Mr. Marcy which he found more enticing than doing what he had called “the right thing to do,” in speaking out for the victims.


            25. If you, because of any personal bias/prejudice you have, OR if you just don’t like the victims, or the way they look , dress, wear their hair,  breathe, or you don't like something they said, or whatever—just shut down the investigation and (falsely) say that either:

Ø      they have no evidence;

Ø      you looked at the evidence but it’s not worth going forward with it;

Ø      you looked at the evidence but there were no crimes committed;

Ø      the victims/witnesses were uncooperative;

Ø      any other blathering lie you can come up with to save your hide from having to do what’s right.



All of the above tactics and more have been used against Christ’s Church in Action in Meridian, Mississippi, its members, its pastor, attendees, and concerned parties who merely were asking that the law be obeyed and that justice be done, and who were exercising their right to what is duly theirs: equal protection under the law. 


NOTE:  When the victims had a meeting set up in 2007 in Jackson, Mississippi, with the Mississippi Attorney General's Director of Public Integrity, it was a "bait and switch" tactic, whereby the director (Scott Johnson) said he was going to be there, that the meeting would be in the conference room, and that, among other things, he and his people would listen.  When the victims got to Jackson, Scott Johnson wasn't there, and the two that were left were "bad guys" who showed the victims to a small back office (not a conference room) and proceeded to use tactic #23 on them.

    No gov't/law enforcement agency wants to investigate the crime, because they want to protect the criminals and/or hurt the victims.  And oftentimes, the following happens:

    - When the victims go to one agency, that agency must either simply not do an investigation, or use tactic #22.  Thus, the victims are forced to go to another agency.  That agency then asks them where they have been before this, and when the victims tell them about the agency they went to previously, the current agency says, "Well, then, we need to check with them first."


    - After checking with the first agency, agency #2 tells the victims, "We talked to them and they say there's nothing."  THIS IS A GREAT TACTIC for obstructing justice.  The victims have just wasted their time.

    -The victims then go to a third agency.  That agency asks the victims, "Where did you go before?"  And the vicious cycle starts all over again; this can be carried on indefinitely, and with personnel changes and things like that, the victims can even be "run around" to new people in the same agency who appear to be honest and wanting to do the right thing, but who end up using any of the above tactics or come up with new ones. Then, after months and then years go by, everyone blames the victims, as if THEY did something wrong...people say, "Oh thatThat happened a long time ago, didn't it?"  YEAH. DUH.  Tell me something I don't know. 

    -You know, they didn't say that to Myrlie Evers, Medgar Evers' widow, when she was pleading for justice decades after her husband's murder...or to Fannie Lee Chaney, as the trial  progressed on one of her son's killers, over 40 years after her son's murder.  They didn't say to them, "That was a long time ago--why don't you just let it go?"  So, why, I ask, is it said to the people of Christ's Church in Action?



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