Letter to The City of Meridian

  The following is a letter that I, Berachot Levine (originator of this website), wrote in June of 2008.  It caused a bit of a stir in Meridian, Mississippi, and brought a veiled, implied threat from the Attorney General's office through Meridian City Councilman John Harris.  I guess I must have asked them some questions that hit close to home.


June 23, 2008


City of Meridian

601 24th Avenue
Post Office Box 1430
Meridian, Mississippi 39302-1430 

To The City of Meridian Mississippi, its Mayor, Administration, Counsel, and City Council: 

I am with The Arm of Justice. We monitor and record injustices and criminal and illegal acts which have been perpetrated against individuals and groups, including, but not limited to, any possible violation(s) of their civil rights, and denial of equal protection under the law. 

We write to you and ask the following questions because you are the Executive Branch of Government in the City of Meridian, Mississippi, responsible for the fair and equal execution of law for all of the citizens of Meridian, Mississippi, and thus need to ensure equal protection under the law, and to ensure that no one is deprived of their rights under color of law or for any other reasons. 

Further, we would admonish you to all consider the oaths that you took when installed in your respective offices.  

Let us all remember that: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” I’m sure that we can all agree that the executive branch of any government needs to be cognizant of the above fact and consider it its duty to ensure justice for all. 

Thus, herein we ask a few direct questions begged from the documentation before us, re: Christ’s Church In Action (CCIA) of Mt. Zion deprivation of rights [file ALPHA]: 

Ø      How do you explain the media blackout from the date of the arson against CCIA (June 8, 2003) to the present?

Ø      What is your take on the ring burned around the house the day before the arson? (We find the pictures quite interesting.)

Ø      How do you account for no investigation at onset and for over one (1) year after the arson?

Ø      How do you account for the police record (computer program #CMS301L) that clearly indicates fraud and confirms lack of any investigation of arson for over one (1) year?[1]

Ø      How do you account for the fact that names, numbers and other details of the dummy sham report of the non-investigation (not done until Summer of 2004, over one year after the fire) are erroneous and that dates/locations of perpetrators prove the fraud?

Ø      How do you account for the harassment of the victims of arson by the City of Meridian, Mississippi, via a letter from the city’s housing inspector, sent less than three (3) weeks after the arson, demanding demolition or repair work within ten (10) days, especially since evidence of the crime was within said building?

Ø      How do you account for the above harassment of arson victims who are church people who have taken vows of poverty and have no insurance?

Ø      How do you account for the audio content of the CD made by alleged CAO of Meridian, Mississippi, Ken Storms?

Ø      How do you account for statements we understand you are well aware of, from one Jesse Palmer, Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman?

Ø      How do you account for this Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman, Jesse Palmer, saying, among other things, that “you were supposed to pack your bags and run after (they burned your house)”, and “don’t you know what they did to Martin Luther King when they couldn’t stop him? They had him killed,” and “If I was mad at you I’d tell you to your face and hit you with a 2 by 4—not these people; these people are sneaky—they’ll go behind the scenes—and there is no limit to their capability”?

Ø      How do you account for the recent situation with this same Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman, Jesse Palmer, when he was invited by the staff of CCIA of Mt. Zion to come to their headquarters and look and listen to the hard evidence, failing to show up for a fixed appointment he had set and made; and when contacted, saying that he was warned not to come and look at the evidence, and mentioned a number of people who had warned him, one of the names mentioned being “Hammack”?

Ø      How do you account for the words and actions of the publisher of your local Meridian, Mississippi newspaper, The Meridian Star, of which we understand you have all been made aware? (Particularly, but not limited to, the statements by Crystal Dupre, the publisher: “You’re not going to get the truth out in my newspaper, you’re going to have to go somewhere else to get the truth out, it’s not going to be in my newspaper!”)

Ø      How do you account for your apparent lack of concern regarding factual errors concerning CCIA of Mt. Zion being published in The Meridian Star?

Ø      How do you account for your Meridian, Mississippi City Council’s refusal to allow the victims to plead their case and present evidence in public forums?

Ø      How do you account for the lack of normal human compassion for victims of such serious crimes and pervasive criminal acts? Would you not agree that it would be normal under such circumstances for a situation like this to be prominent in the local media, and that there would then be an outpouring of help, as opposed to the hurting and slandering of the victims?

Ø      How do you account for your Meridian, Mississippi Mayor, Members of the Meridian, Mississippi City Council, and other members of the community stating such falsehoods as “there was no arson”? (In light of the documentation before us, that would be like saying “there was no holocaust.”)

Ø      How do you account for the fact that some of the slanderous things that are being spread by the Mayor and other members of Meridian, Mississippi’s City Administration include horrendous and false information resident on various internet instruments, which was proven to be totally false and erroneous upon investigation by Sheldon Whitehouse, who was then Policy Chief to then Governor Sundlun of Rhode Island? (Sheldon Whitehouse has since held the offices of Rhode Island Attorney General, State’s Federal Attorney, and is now a United States Senator.[2])

Ø      How do you account for the need for people outside of normal channels to have to step in to make this inquiry, as we observe clearly that there is a problem, simply seen, from objective data that we have, which we understand you have been offered, which some of you have seen, and which all have access to? 

Obviously there is a problem—if you, the City of Meridian, Mississippi, are not involved, then certainly your prompt and clear response can be expected. 

We ask you to please respond in writing, as soon as practicable. Your cooperation or lack thereof will be regarded as indicative of the Meridian, Mississippi City Administration’s complicity and/or initiative in the wrongdoing. 

As we investigate further, we will be requesting further details concerning this. 

Also, be alerted that we are reviewing objective documentation regarding children (minors) being undermined, led into delinquency and kidnapped, coupled with illegal and fraudulent use of the courts, and subsequent brainwashing, physical deprivation and additional contribution to delinquency across state lines and national borders—all of this also apparently being ignored and it appears, from evidence before us, that the Meridian, Mississippi City Administration has not only ignored but has aided, abetted, and enabled these serious wrongdoings. 

At this point we just have some simple questions: What do you say concerning the relationship between Lauderdale County (MS) and Youth Court Judge Frank Coleman, and Meridian, Mississippi Mayor John Robert Smith?

 And, to your knowledge, do they share common religious beliefs contrary to those taught at CCIA of Mt. Zion? 

Because of the incredibly serious and heinous nature of what’s happened in this case, we are proceeding meticulously over a number of documents, records, and recorded material, and confessions by perpetrators (given both on the Internet and to various people in the Meridian, Mississippi Community who are not directly involved with CCIA but who have come forward), as well as recorded statements made by a court-appointed counselor who said he was afraid to blow the whistle, but who made the tape recording concerning said matter regarding said children being forced to make the call they didn’t want to make. And it appears that people involved in the arson are the same people that did the forcing, and it is clear from the tape recording. 

We would caution you to be forthcoming, completely open, and honest, and to not participate in continuing this…and, if there have been any cover-ups of any matters, that you, not as a group but as individuals in this, do not continue to protect those who are guilty. 

There is no doubt in our minds from what we have observed in the objective data that serous wrongdoing has occurred and is ongoing. 

We are, at this point, just researching, investigating, and determining those who are responsible, both actively and passively. We understand that you have all been informed of: Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 242: Deprivation of rights under color of law, and Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sec. 241, Conspiracy against Rights, as well as the RICO conspiracy laws, and Title 18 regarding misprision of felony.  

We also understand that you have been informed that under the laws cited below, if there has been a kidnapping or death threats or arson, that the punishment for conviction under federal prosecution can be the death penalty. In the instant matter we have three (3) kidnappings, a number of murder attempts, indications of an attempt to kill, and an arson, along with many other criminal acts. (From Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sec. 241, deprivation of rights under color of law: “if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of…fire…or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, or an attempt to kill…they…may be sentenced to death.” From Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sec. 241, conspiracy against rights: “if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap…or an attempt to kill…they…may be sentenced to death.” ) 

You also might look into something that we in our research have found in the Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended, Sec. 97-5-39: contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a child; felonious abuse and/or battery of a child. 

To quote sections from 97-5-39 (1) “any…or other person who willfully commits any act or omits the performance of any duty, which act or omission contributes to or tends to contribute to the neglect or delinquency of any child, ororororor… shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine not to exceed One thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) or by imprisonment not to exceed one (1) year in jail, or by both such fine and imprisonment.” 

We understand that, compared to other laws and statutes violated, that this is a relatively minor crime. But it certainly indicates a low threshold at which investigation by the local authorities in Mississippi should have been instituted long ago.

 Our cursory look at court transmittals and documents indicates serious violation of Mississippi Department of Human Services (DHS) procedural laws, and heinous violations of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, rights, and an abuse of power by the courts, lack of equal protection under the law, and total disregard of the rights of the parents. 

The material here is voluminous, but we’ve looked at enough to realize again here, with the arson and the other terrible things that have happened, that it warrants our full efforts in detailing what actually happened, from start to finish.

 Since, up until now, we’ve been given to understand you have all refused to listen to the details on this matter, or even look at the evidence that is now before us here in New England, as we’ve said earlier, there appears to be a gagging of these people from speaking in public forums and the obvious and real media blackout. 

So, again, as with the arson, as we gain understanding of what’s happened here, hopefully with your cooperation we will be seeking further insights from you. 

We would suggest that you act as individuals rather than collectively; act as an individual to do what’s right, rather than what it appears to be: a collective effort to deny these people their rights under the law and to be involved to aid and abet in slander[3] up until this point; that is, that you’ve chosen collectively and complicitly to cover up this whole affair.[4]

 Please be advised that our offices are not only communicating with the victims and Meridian, Mississippi City Administration based on the documentation (the objective data that we have), but we are also interacting with many others who are involved in this directly or as observers. 

Please note: We have referred to objective data a number of times in this document. Understand that we recognize the difference between subjective statements of opinion or perspective and truly objective data. 

 We have been given volumes of signed and dated affidavits. We consider those as subjective though supporting data, but not conclusive. 

It is our findings in the objective portions of the data that are our basis for action in this complex situation. 

There is too much evidence which is from sources that are indisputable, and too many factual points which confirm the truth of the victims’ allegations, for us to stand by or stand back. We shall proceed until we can present our findings to and through proper channels to bring the light of public opinion to bear, so that the up-to-now constrained authorities can and will have to act. 


Let justice be done! Let us cooperate to that end.

 Very truly yours, 


Berachot Levine

For The Arm of Justice

xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxx xx xxxxx


Sent to:

Meridian, Mississippi Mayor John Robert Smith

Meridian, Mississippi CAO Ken Storms

William C. Hammack, Attorney for the City of Meridian, Mississippi

Meridian, Mississippi City Council Members:

Barbara Henson, President of Meridian, Mississippi City Council

Mary Perry

George Thomas

John Harris

Jesse Palmer


COPIES FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY…we are sending this document to the people on the following list to keep them informed of what is happening regarding our communication with the City Administration: 

(Lauderdale County, Mississippi Board of Supervisors)

President Ray Boswell

Hank Florey

Craig Hitt

Wayman Newell

Joe Norwood 

Mike Sumrall, County Administrator

Rick Barry, Attorney for Board of Supervisors 

Copies are also being sent to interested persons whom we are also keeping informed for the protection of the victims. 


I hereby certify that copies were made of this document and were mailed to all of the above named individuals. 


                                                                Berachot Levine                                                          

[1] Only the alleged perpetrators were contacted; and, we understand, they subsequently left Mississippi for Florida (a group of about 250 people) allegedly with passive help from Meridian, Mississippi City Administration.

[2] What we understand is that the Mayor’s office has been given copies of this document prepared by Sheldon Whitehouse, which was hand-signed by then Governor Sundlun. This document was a plea by this independent investigator, appointed by the governor, to pardon Wade Demers, since he had not committed any crime. It should be noted that the only reason given for not granting the pardon appears to be political. Pastor Demers had previously been chairman of the Republican Party, and this was a Democratic administration. Governor Sundlun’s reason for not granting a pardon was that a pardon had not been granted in Rhode Island in forty (40) years, and that he didn’t want to “effectively reverse the judgment of both the Superior and Supreme Courts of our state.” Our research shows us that the indication here is that if Governor Sundlun were to grant the pardon to Wade Demers, it would embarrass Rhode Island’s judiciary, because the judiciary was involved in the framing, which they accomplished as their retribution against Wade Demers for his blowing the whistle on much government corruption in the State of Rhode Island on state, local, and federal levels. It should be noted that in the state of Rhode Island, among the people who were involved in the slandering and framing of Wade Demers, was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Thomas Fay, and now District Court Judge Rogeriee Thompson, who were both gubernatorial appointments. 

[3] Of course the objective of slander here is to create an environment and atmosphere of hatred, prejudice, bias and bigotry, in which the victims are put in a negative light in the local public opinion, so that anything done against them, in the worst case, would be considered justified, and at the least, would create apathy which allows the deprivation of rights and denial of equal protection under the law to continue.

[4] Here I would like to interject some personal advice: you should consider acting with the integrity, cognizance, common sense, and ethics that are demanded in any office of government, as opposed to acting like mindless, crowd-following, apple-polishing teenagers trying to appease and impress their peer group.


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