September 7, 2007 


Pastor Steve McDonald                                                                                             

Central United Methodist Church

1004 23rd Avenue

Meridian, MS 39301




Dear Pastor McDonald:


            Patti Demers has hand-recorded notes of your approximately 23 minute diatribe that you delivered last Wednesday evening, Sept. 5, 2007, concerning lawsuits and Apostle/Pastor Demers’ beliefs.

            You should be forewarned that much of what you said was in error and slanderous…Please note that Pastor Demers is not at all concerned about your name-calling and rudeness…you are entitled to your opinion. So your characterization of him as a heretic, and your other name-calling are not what is at issue here…the issue is that you’ve said some things which are untrue, slanderous, and defamatory. Calling him a heretic and your mean-spirited characterization is an opinion…your opinion, to which you are entitled and to which we don’t object. Your saying that he’s a heretic means that he doesn’t agree with Central United Methodist doctrine. Well, interestingly, Central United Methodist doctrine doesn’t agree with Baptist doctrine, or Apostolic doctrine, or Episcopalian doctrine…but that doesn’t mean that he’s a heretic…because they all don’t agree with Central United Methodist doctrine, either…would you call them all heretics in public to their faces in a 23 minute diatribe as you did with Pastor Demers?

            By the way, I thought that the denouncing of heretics ended with the Catholics denouncing Protestants for their doctrines…or is this the Puritans on a witch hunt? Perhaps next week you’ll suggest burning at the stake… Are we going to, for example, tar and feather the Apostolics for their oneness doctrine as opposed to the Trinity? Or…the 7th day Adventists for their doctrine regarding which day of the week is their Sabbath?

            What a “field day” you must be planning for the few Muslims in town!!!

            Remember, again that it is not the name-calling we object to…however, be admonished that you have stated falsehoods and as Executive Assistant to Christ’s Church in Action (CCIA), I am respectfully demanding that you make an appointment to find out what things you said that are outlandish and ridiculous, and slanderous and defamatory.

            It’s not the point that you said Pastor Demers is crazy, etc., again—we don’t object to your saying that—you’re entitled to your opinion…it’s the so-called “facts” that you used to support your statements that we object to…

            We are not asking you to change your opinion of Wade Demers. But we do believe that you owe him an apology for the lies you told as facts to support your opinion, which are slanderous and damaging. Please take time to discern the reality and make a public apology in the same forum.

            We don’t even care if during the apology you add some more of your heinous opinions and names…you can say whatever you want! It’s the facts that you’ve distorted and twisted and the lies you told that we take issue with.

            There are many, many falsehoods you stated …the following is only one example—Mrs. Demers was relating to me that you had said that we consider Matthew 18:15-17 as the central doctrine of our beliefs. That is nonsense.    The central point is not that…the central point is Jesus Christ and His Word, and that His Word needs to be obeyed. And, because God says that there needs to be a restoration of all things, obviously that means that there are things which we have gotten away from that we need to get back to, according to God.[2] Sadly to say, Pastor McDonald chose not to take the time to listen to Apostle Demers regarding this.

            Many today are living with a head faith and not a heart faith. Many honor with their lips and not their heart. Many believe in God like the devil does—they believe and shudder, as opposed to believe and obey.

            Pastor McDonald, not only have I known Pastor Demers and his wife for 27 years, but I have also read the Bible from cover-to-cover 18 times, therefore I know that Pastor Demers said what the Bible says and not what you said he said. You distorted what he said, for sure. That’s okay, we’ve all made mistakes…or perhaps the perfection you claim that no one can achieve was achieved by you in your office that day…yes, perhaps your perfection kicked in right then and there, and so that is why you claim to know what you know.

            I totally don’t understand where your inappropriate actions came from. From what I understand there were many people who totally liked the Demerses presence there and enjoyed hearing Wade’s comments…which were only made, by the way, in response to your questions to the class such as, “Has anyone met or dealt with an animist?” …and Pastor Demers had just been dealing with one during the week before, so he shared. And in response to your question, “Has anyone met or dealt with a Buddhist?” …Pastor Demers has had many dealings with Buddhists over the years[3], including recently, so he responded to your query.

            Certainly you understand that that is part of his job that has led him to other nations and throughout this country, and to thousands of people from all walks of life and religions…so, of anyone in your class, he would be the very most likely to have the most to share when you asked, because he has probably had the most experience in dealing with different religions. 

            You implied that Pastor Demers came there to espouse his beliefs…that is simply not true. He had been told by a member of his staff and by various members of the community about the class, and he wanted to attend for the purported content.

            In the class, you asked questions and Pastor Demers answered according to his own frame of reference, as anyone would…did you not expect people to answer according to their own beliefs?

            By the way, he raised his hand and waited to be called on, and many times no one else had anything to say. Pastor Demers actually thought you would appreciate class participation, since you stated so, explicitly on multiple occasions…most teachers would. I myself used to be a public school teacher and I liked it when I had an enthusiastic student who would participate in class, especially when the other students wouldn’t…so, no offense, but what’s wrong with you?

            And, let me please say that I think that it was deceptive of you to say you were going to explore different religions and then in actuality only look at them through the narrow scope of only United Methodist doctrine…your diatribe had nothing to do with your course…and Pastor Demers and his wife were sitting in the back, not saying a word. Your diatribe had to do with Pastor Demers talking too much…what were you thinking?

            Let me remind you that you, in a public place, openly committed slander, which is illegal and may, if done with malicious intent, be criminal, and certainly is unethical and anti-Christ.

            Please note: Mr. Thomas and Mr. McBride have been involved in and are involved in slander and harassment of our church for sometime now, as well as in dishonest, malicious and possibly criminal acts. I myself have witnessed this personally for a long time now, and so it’s obvious that there has been some collusion and interacting concerning falsehoods and impressions that you’ve been spouting.

            Let me make it clear again, that our concern is not the insults you’ve said against Pastor Demers…those are your opinions and you’re entitled to them…your problem is your misrepresentation of facts, and statements that you attributed to Pastor Demers and his ministry that are blatantly untrue!

        There are many things that you said that fall into this category…just one example would be your statement that Pastor Demers and/or the church are involved in many lawsuits. This is just not the case. The church and/or Pastor Demers and/or any of its members are not involved in any lawsuits as either plaintiffs or defendants, although legally we are certainly in the position to validly file lawsuits for what’s been/is being done against us.

            And, speaking of that, you should be aware that it’s not civil, but criminal actions that may be brought against Mr. McBride, Mr. Thomas, and others, people who’ve been involved in: 

·        Covering up an arson in this city;

·        Harassing CCIA;

·        Some related death threats;

·        Even kidnapping of children. 

            There are other authorities outside Meridian who are presently looking into this. 

            I suggest that you sit down with members of CCIA and a certain certified fraud investigator[4] for the Federal Government who’s taken an interest in what’s been happening here in Meridian to CCIA, so that you can see the facts as stated in police documents, a CD made by Ken Storms, tape recordings and other indisputable evidence which proves the criminal obstruction and other crimes by city officials. You can choose to be silent to this request, but I respectfully would say you’ve made a mistake in judgment in how you’ve handled yourself, especially in light of

·        Logic;

·        Common sense;

·        Courtesy; and

·        Christian ethics

           Perhaps you should reconsider and, in light of the above, sit down to explore the facts of error with us with Mr. McBride and Mr. Thomas… whoever else you’d like to invite will be welcomed. All of this is obviously very serious—there have been:

o   Arson;

o   Assaults;

o   Attempted murders;

o   Cover-ups of same;

o   Obstruction of justice;

o   Obstruction of criminal investigation;

o   Harassments;

o   Slander; and even

o   Undermining and kidnapping of minor children

o   Etc., etc. 

            And these crimes have been done by various people to include church leaders (many leaders of different denominations in this city), in concert with and aided and abetted by the police department, the mayor’s office, and other public officials including Mr. Thomas and Mr. McBride.

            Mrs. Demers took many notes of what you said that evening, and they will be typed up in detail…you will certainly be made aware of them, if you choose not to come forward to seek the truth on your own. At least one of your slanderous remarks showed up on an internet blog where a lot of other untruths were bandied about concerning Pastor Demers and the church, which is only further aggravating the atmosphere of violence that was nurtured by Mr. McBride, Mr. Thomas, and many others, and which has caused harm to the church and its members and could ultimately lead to some of our deaths. 

            I myself received a phone call from an elected public official in this city in which, among other things, these things were said to me:

                        “Don’t antagonize these people.”


                        “You don’t know these people.”


                        “They’ll go behind the scenes.” 

            This person said something like: “If I’m mad at you I’ll tell you to your face and then hit you with a 2 by 4. But not these people.” This person said that the people he was talking about were sneaky and would go behind your back, and do things behind the scenes, and that there was no limit to what they would do. 

            Regarding the arson: “You were supposed to pack your bags and run after that…”

“…like Martin Luther King, they kept trying to scare him off and scare him off, and they couldn’t do it, so they had him killed.”

            Then this person said, “We’ve got to be very careful. These people have no limits to their capability.” I found this very chilling in light of what this person had just said regarding Martin Luther King.

             Again, this is a very serious matter, and you’ve acted rashly. We forgive you. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider prudence, patience, and Christian compassion. Jesus said to love your enemies…why don’t you love us if you are supposed to love even your enemies? And, why do you hate us for believing that the inspired Word of God is more authoritative than the writings of John Wesley?

            By the way, your video camera and set-up for entrapment (what with the sheriff’s investigators there, and Mr. Thomas, after not being at the first meeting but then being at the meetings the subsequent weeks, and with Mr. McBride showing up for the first time on this particular night)…would make it even more prudent for you to consider studying copies of the Federal laws that have been violated over an approximate time period of 4 1/2 years now, under Title 18, misprision of felony, denial of rights under color of law, and denial of equal protection under the law

            I will be sending copies of those laws for your perusal and studying, and possibly to show as well to your own lawyer.

            RICO prosecution is not just a civil lawsuit but it has a criminal side, where it’s prosecuted by the Federal government and not by any individual.

            Our civil, constitutional, and human rights have been and are constantly being violated by city administration, law enforcement, and numerous members of the clergy here in Meridian acting at times knowingly and maliciously, at other times repeating false things they’ve heard from others without checking the facts (hopefully the latter was the case with you), but anyway, continuing either by omission or commission acts which support an effort planned by a few to maliciously deny our rights and harm our church and our persons.

            Pastor Steve, please understand, we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and that His Word, the Scripture (NOT Scripture, tradition, experience and reason, as Methodist thought would have) is the Supreme Authority…yes, we believe in the absolute sovereignty and completeness of that authority guided by the Holy Spirit of God. In this we obviously disagree, but that is not justification for your heinous acts of public slander and your presenting untrue “facts” to support your opinions. Remember, again—we don’t object to your opinions, it’s the falsehoods that you use to support your opinions that we object to.

            Please allow us to enlighten you, so that you may become aware of what is really happening concerning what the truth of what you said really is, that we at CCIA and you as Pastor of Central United Methodist Church and as an individual can keep our differences doctrinal as opposed to muddied with illegal slanderous error.

            We believe this is what our Father would want us to do. You can choose to do whatever you want, but in fairness to you, because of the seriousness of the entire situation of what’s happened to our church and its members, and because of Wade Demers’ responsibility as the shepherd of the sheep and protector of his wife and children, we, the church, are pursuing exposing everything that’s been happening to us to State and Federal authorities as well as to the media, with the objective that the truth, which has been carefully twisted and hidden, will be brought to light, and that justice will be accomplished so that we can find relief to do our work in the service of the Name of Jesus Christ.

            I look forward to your prompt reply as to whether or not you are interested in knowing the slanderous errors that you presented in public as fact. Yes, I look forward in hope, but alas, with a fear at the same time that you will ignore what I am trying to share with you, and will not even be courteous enough to reply.

            A copy of this letter has been sent to individual authorities at the State and Federal levels, a private investigator who has a personal interest in this case, to persons who are coming to sit down with us in the future who do documentaries related to the covering up of hate crimes by government and local officials, as well as to national media. Because of the death threats that we’ve been receiving, we’ve been advised, and agree, that everything that’s happening to us be reported to every outlet and avenue that we can find.

            I understand (from my personal studies of the 60’s regarding things such as the Sovereignty Commission), the power of corrupt government to control things behind the scenes. We know that ultimately our survival will depend on the national media getting involved in exposing the truth, if God so directs, by the guidance and direction of His Holy Spirit.

            We fully realize that our lives may be taken before that occurs…but since the harassment has caused people to be in fear that their children too will be harmed, and thus have left Christ’s Church in Action, we have no choice but to expose the heinous activities which have led us to theses circumstances. 

            As a former elementary school music teacher, I am shocked and horrified when I encounter the reality of the Biblical teaching that “all those who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”[5] And I am reminded of how Jesus and those who preached Jesus were treated in such passages as John 8:42-59, Acts 7:51-60, Acts 19:24-34, and Acts 21:27-36.         I’ve witnessed much persecution as a person who’s read the Bible from cover-to-cover 18 times, and who is trying to live it.

             I believe that we are saved by faith, by the grace of God…

·        Faith that Jesus is Lord of our lives;

·        Faith that He is indeed the Son of God;

·        Faith that He suffered and died on the cross, was raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of the Father, and sent the promise of the Holy Spirit;

·        Faith that He bore my sins in His suffering on the cross and His death;

·        Faith that because of my faith I too can be resurrected with Him;

·        Faith that by the grace of God this sinner can be justified by the blood of Jesus;

·        Faith that by His blood I can escape the terror of Romans 7 and come into the glory of Christ in Romans 8;

·        Faith that I can too fulfill the covenant that God made with Abraham and his seed after him.

            Yes, I believe that I am blessed with being a recipient by faith through the grace of God and that I can look to the Creator of the Universe and cry out “Abba, Father.”

            I know that I’ve received this saving grace by faith and not by works. I know that there is nothing that I or any other human can do to attain salvation for themselves. I, as anyone, am totally helpless in repairing the damage done by Adam to all mankind and the damage done by myself through my own sins.

            It is only by faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, that being the only Name in heaven or on earth by which any person might be saved, and that I have received the free gift of my salvation…it is by this same faith that I have my hope in Christ to persevere to the end, and by His grace my faith will endure, that as the scripture says, “he who endures to the end shall be saved,” will be said of me.

            Recognizing and because of my faith in scripture as the accurate presentation of the Words of the Logos of God, I, although shocked by the reality, am not surprised by the truth of persecution.

            By this faith, I have given up everything of my earthly desires to serve the cause of Christ, to help in the restoration of His church, that we, as wise virgins, may learn to trim our lamps, and collectively be the bride who has made herself ready for the wedding feast…

                        "Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.  It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.”                                      Revelation 19:6-8 

            Quite frankly, I do not understand how you all can take the Name of Christ to your lips and act in the fashion that I have experienced since my arrival here from Rhode Island 2 ½ years ago.

            May Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, intercede for us to the Father, that we might, as faithful and obedient children, come to the unity of the faith that He desires. Remember 1 Corinthians 1:10 and Ephesians 4:11-14.

            I hope herein I have communicated as a sister. I hope you receive it as brother. Has not our Father admonished us to show that we are Christians by our love for one another?

            We (CCIA) are the victims

            We are the hurt

            We are the slandered

            We are the threatened

            We are the ones who have been bereaved of children

                        And we are the ones who say:

                                    “We forgive you, for we know that you didn’t know what you were really doing.”

            And, we are the ones who are willing to not look back, but from this point forward are wanting to move forward as He guides us on the paths of His righteousness.

            Consider the entire contents of this missive…and shall we not prayerfully seek His will in prudence?

            It seems that if we all call ourselves Christians that we should not need the Federal and State government or Oprah Winfrey to tell us that we are wrong…when indeed that is the admonition that God warns us against in Romans 13…but if that’s what a rebellious and stubborn heart calls for, then that is what God will use…if it takes Oprah Winfrey to get your attention and tell you you’re wrong, then God can do it if He wills.

            What I’ve shared with you here in my beliefs, comes from the Word of God and the teachings out of the mouth of the person whom you slandered…teachings not of his own, but from that same Word…my life has been transformed by the saving grace of our Father and the precious blood of Jesus. When my faith was kindled by the light of the seed of the spoken Word from the lips of this man whom you are trashing, who boldly evangelized the truth of Jesus Christ to my formerly rebellious ears, mind, and heart, that precious Word of Jesus Christ, spoken through a human vessel used by our Father, pierced my heart.

                        I believed those words

                        I believed in the Name of Jesus

                        I believed in what He had done on the cross and what He had done for me

                        I believed He was Lord

                        I believed He was my Lord      

            I repented of my horrid rebellious, self-centered past, and chose to deny myself and follow him, Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God;

                        My King;

                        My Master;

                        My Lord

                        …with every fiber of my being. Words cannot say or express how ironic or disconnected from reality is your attack on Wade Demers, his teaching, his life, and our work at Mt. Zion…but then again, the scriptures contained in this letter, which I hope you will read and read again, will show what it says in Ecclesiastes 9:3, that insanity fills the hearts of men all their lives. So I choose to endure, and in the instant matter, hope that one Steve McDonald is a brother who has been misled and confused, and who is not an enemy of my Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

            Please call me at the ministry headquarters at 601-482-8150, or on the church cell phone at 401-263-6144. 



                                                            Lucinda Johnson                 

                                                            Executive Assistant

                                                            Christ’s Church in Action

                                                            4015 Paulding Street

                                                            Meridian, MS 39307    



            P.S. As a Christian, you should also consider the negative emotional impact of your diatribe in public, skipping over Matthew 18:15-17, which states:

            “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. (v.15)

            But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED. (v.16)

            If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.” (v.17)


            You should also consider the negative impact on a 60-year-old woman who has had a number of heart attacks (due to the stress from what’s been done to her and to her family), as you publicly embarrassed her in front of people she has known for years. I don’t care what issues you have with Pastor Demers, but did you have to hurt his wifeThat was just downright mean and cruel. If you don’t believe in doing what Jesus said in Matthew 18:15 and 16, above, then at the very least, manners, decorum, and consideration for a lady should have dictated what your actions were to be next. Is that how you were raised? What you did was, at the very least, totally rude and uncalled for.

            Perhaps you didn’t notice afterwards that she was crying, when she was rudely interrupted when talking about something that was very heartfelt to her…one of the people who interrupted her when she was talking to you was the physician who was the man who killed her baby by putting a scalpel through the baby’s head…(perhaps you’d like to see the pictures taken by hospital staff and given to the Demerses.)

            It should be noted that from the time of his arrival until the operation commenced, the doctor in his drunkenness refused to listen to Pastor Demers and his wife screaming that they just wanted help for the baby to be positioned for delivery and under no condition did they want a Caesarean…he, the doctor, was screaming, yelling that he was going to save the baby—the doctor had Pastor Demers physically restrained and had Mrs. Demers physically knocked down as she was trying to get up, and he (the doctor) kept yelling, “I’m going to save the baby!”

            Picture the scene as I tell you again…the doctor had the pastor physically restrained, and Mrs. Demers physically knocked down, as he ignored their pleas to just help position the baby and that they did not want a Caesarean—the doctor did not, could not, in his drunken state, listen or respond to their pleas—he then proceeded, against the parents’ wishes, having security use force on both parents…then, not realizing that the baby was in position for delivery, when he went to make the incision for the C-section, the doctor stabbed the baby in the head, killing the baby, because he erroneously thought the baby was in the breech position and she wasn’t. The doctor killed the Demerses baby by stabbing the baby in the head…again, if you’d like to see the pictures taken by hospital staff and given to the Demerses, showing clearly the stab wound to the forehead, you are welcome to.

            Other errors included that there was no addressing of Mrs. Demers’ loss of blood—she was near death, and it was only God who saved her…she never received anything, but by her faith in the grace of God, she survived.

            Subsequently the head administrator at the hospital, recognizing what had happened, apologized to the Demerses and forgave their debt to the hospital for the hospital’s services.

            For you to say and imply what you did about lawsuits is ridiculous, when the Demerses in this case, for example, could have won a fabulous settlement in an open and shut case (please note that there is no statute of limitations in this matter)…you need to recognize that they showed mercy, as Jesus did with the centurion who didn’t know what he was doing.

            Your implication with your false statement about lawsuits is both incredible and heinous at the same time. Don’t any of you understand how wonderful these people are, and that even though this man killed their baby, and they could have owned that doctor and the hospital, they showed mercy and forgiveness? And you trashed these people in public…shame on you!

            The pastor’s actions in going to the higher authorities and to the media at this time are only prudent in the present circumstances in order to protect the members of the church, his ministry, and his children from the total insanity of prejudice, bias, anger, and hatred leading to violence, which have been always present in the situations where God’s enemies are attacking the people of God since the stoning of Stephen…and, I believe that God is directing Pastor Demers in his capacity as shepherd of CCIA of Mt. Zion, and as the head of his household, both of which have been under constant and continuous attack for nearly 7 years.

            By the way, you should also note that as long as it was only physical destruction of property, the pastor was content to just present facts to the various authorities of the city, who neglected to act in any fashion at all, covered up the criminal act of arson, and began a slander campaign against Pastor Demers and the church.

            But it’s because the attacks on the church (i.e. the people—the members) have become intolerable in their viciousness and destruction, he had to stop trusting that eventually someone in Meridian administration would do the right thing, and he had to go to the other authorities.

            If you, Pastor McDonald, Mr. McBride, and Mr. Thomas would sit down with the Demerses, the certified fraud investigator, and me, we can show you the facts which Mr. Thomas and Mr. McBride deny but which are a matter of public record, and of which you must be unaware…this evidence is in government-produced transmittals and public statements that were recorded by the media, as well as internal letters and communications by members of various boards and councils and others in Meridian and Lauderdale County.

            So there’ll be no conjecture…we’ll just show you the documents with the men sitting there.

            As touched upon previously, we would like to let you know that we strongly believe that the reason for Mr. McBride’s being there that night, the investigators with the guns, and the viciousness of your diatribe, were a blatant attempt to anger Pastor Demers in order to provoke an incident whereby the sheriff’s people would appear to have been justified in either falsely arresting him or even in shooting him in cold blood.

            I say that we believe that, but if that is not the case, then why were the sheriff’s people there? And what was Mr. McBride doing there?

            And until you know Mr. McBride’s and Mr. Thomas’ involvement in a continuing barrage in trying to hurt CCIA, you won’t see as clearly as we do why we believe what we do regarding that situation.

            Remember, I’m the person who got the first call from the elected official telling us our lives were in danger…part of that conversation was, “if you want your tax exemption, shut up, stop going to any authorities, stop writing letters, and you’ll get your tax exemption.”

            By the way, you told Pastor Demers and his wife in the beginning of their private meeting with you, that many people whom you had talked to in person prior to that meeting had told you bad things about Pastor Demers…you wouldn’t say who or what specifically, but it appears that your vicious diatribe which followed bore many of the falsehoods which you simply chose to repeat publicly rather that check out factually…that was, to say the least, not a very prudent move on your part.

            And, since your diatribe, many falsehoods and slander have appeared on an internet blog and are spreading like gangrene. Yes…your vicious attack has led people, male and female, professional people, to believe lies and to rage against Mrs. Demers and her husband.


            P.P.S. Apparently God by His Spirit alerted Pastor Demers about the plan for entrapment, and he had quite a lively conversation with one of the investigators from the sheriff’s office who was “invited” to your meeting…Pastor Demers and the man had quite a conversation concerning the man’s raising of homing pigeons.

            Perhaps you should read where the apostle Paul was warned many times as to the plots of those who didn’t understand that he was the one sent with the message.

            Since I’ve taken the liberty to mention Mr. McBride, Investigator Moulds, Mr. Thomas, etc., they will all get a copy of this letter

            By the way, I am personally offended by your public diatribe of insults against my pastor because, other than the obvious reasons, also I have an association with one of your parishioners, a high ranking military officer who is married to a doctor, and your slander of my pastor has put my relationship with them in a very delicate position, to say the least. Also, there are other people at that meeting with whom Apostle Demers and his wife have had a previous relationship, prior to your coming on the scene, and your slanderous remarks are forcing us not only to give them all a copy of this letter, but also, whenever the full transcript of your “diatribe” becomes available (with the explanation of what is the truth where you told lies), to give that to them, if you don’t choose to apologize and rectify the matter, with the truth, in the same forum in which you spouted your untruths.

            Again, Wade Demers’ reputation is not important to him. But you have attacked the ministry and work which the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has given to him. So, you have an obligation to correct the lies that you spouted concerning his work, mission, and message…AGAIN, Wade Demers doesn’t care one thing about what you said about him personally…it is your blasphemous attack on the truth which Wade Demers, as an apostle, is obligated to defend.

            Wade Demers is nothing…but Jesus, the Word, is everything. Your choice to lie, in your fit of anger and hatred, is not new in those such as you, who are trying to destroy the truth.

            It should be noted that towards the end of the private meeting that you had had previously with Apostle Demers and his wife, your bubbling hatred became visible as your whole body began to vibrate, your cheeks and eyes became red and began to bulge, and you exploded at the end…this revealed that you were patronizing when you said you would make a prayerful request before the Creator as to how to proceed in your interaction with Apostle Demers. Your characterization of that meeting is also extremely deceptive and misleading.        

            By the way, you also made reference to the “fact” that Pastor Demers called you insane…that is totally out of context. What Pastor Demers said was that God says that we are all insane…Ecclesiastes 9:3 says that “…the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil, and insanity is in their hearts throughout their lives.” Part of what Pastor Demers always says is that we’re all insane and we need to come out of insanity. Insanity is being out of touch with reality, out of touch with the truth, the truth being God’s Word.

            Hopefully we can all resolve this…let us sit down, set the standard, and separate out fact from the errors and lies that you told. Then you can tell your people the truth after the untruths you’ve stated.

            Again, Pastor Steve, this is not a drill…this is really happening, like in the 60’s…prejudice, bias, and bigotry erupting into hatred on the part of clergy and members of government in their official capacity have already led to violence and denial of civil and human rights.

            Perhaps as Mr. Thomas’ and Mr. McBride’s pastor, you could help to partially resolve this conflict for their parts in this travesty of justice, as opposed to what John Robert Smith’s pastor and other pastors of public officials have done which has only added more fuel to the fires of hatred, as you did with your Wednesday night diatribe.

            In 2003 and 2004, Ken Storms was saying to the Demerses in his office, “Why is the mayor telling me not to talk to you (Wade and Patti)?” and “Why do these pastors come to the mayor’s office and say bad things about you?” and on one occasions even gave the name and said that Pastor Earl Wheatley had been there that morning and that Ken had heard him through the door…

            Why not let us all act like children of one Father and lay all our hatred aside and resolve all of our differences and follow rule of law and the constitution?…without the ugliness of bigotry and its offspring---violence? Certainly it will be more prudent in the eyes of our Father to proceed as I am suggesting than to continue the status quo.

            And since you say the members of your staff overheard, then you surely won’t mind if we send them copies of this letter…Becky and Anita, for instance…and we will also direct them to give copies to any other staff who may have overheard…because we do not believe that they were at your diatribe.


            P.P.P.S. Even though you were trying to provoke him, Pastor Demers and his wife only sat quietly, feeling so sorry watching you doing your diatribe…because you exhibited that you either weren’t listening at your private meeting with them, or were fabricating and/or repeating unconfirmed falsehoods which you heard from others, and Pastor Demers watched, feeling sorry for you as you acted in such a pitiful way. Wade was amused by some of your statements, such as, that he (Wade) is wrong to think that God wants His people to be in unity. But Pastor Demers’ overall feeling was that of embarrassment for you because he knew that God in His anger looked down on your folly.  I myself frequently marvel and am amazed at Pastor Demers’ compassion and continuing desire to help even those who are violently and viciously attacking him. (Again, if you’ll read of the insanity of people acting in anger towards men of God, you will see that you were proving that what was written in former times was written for our instruction…you, too, were out of control, speaking nonsense and lies.[6])

            I myself have done those things to Wade Demers in the past, when I too acted like the crowd who was stoning Stephen, because I didn’t want to hear what he was saying…but I am personally blessed that he persevered in trying to help me anyway, with the lovingkindness, mercy and love of God, and that he continues to guide me in the direction of the light that God was calling me to.

            So, though you may not understand, I fully understand why Pastor Demers was silent under your attack, even though your attack was vicious and in many cases in substance erroneous and slanderous. Even though his wife was under lots of stress and had had another heart attack just days before, and herself wanted to cry out when you lied, Pastor Demers, silently with his hand, let her know to show you mercy and compassion and to bear the attack from you on her husband and on herself, though the attacks were unwarranted. 

            PLEASE NOTE

            Wade Demers has said and wrote many times that he is not right—the Bible is right, and that if you feel he is wrong, to show him in the Biblethis you never did. You screamed that he was wrong—you interrupted—you twisted—you gave your opinion…but you never quoted one scripture, or pointed to one! You acted like a Catholic defending worship of Mary, or a devout Hindu defending the divinity of cows.

            Perhaps you should read again that which you claimed you had read, the writings that Apostle Demers gave you weeks ago. 

Perhaps you want to institute papal authority under yourself in the local United Methodist Church. We choose scriptural authority…you should not hate us or denounce us for believing that the Word of God is the basis of our beliefs—even if you disagree.

             PLEASE NOTE WELL: 

            You have slandered a man, but you cannot kill the truth. Yes, some like you (other pastors) have burned out one of our church buildings, threatened and physically assaulted  Pastor Demers and members of the church, absconded and physically brainwashed his children…yes, you can kill the man, but God is going to restore His church, in spite of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

            Yes…with or without Wade Demers, Jesus is going to return to a restored, spotless bride…ultimately God’s messenger will be listened to

            In this generation or in one to come… 

                        “Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord; and that He may send Jesus, the Christ appointed for you,

           whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from ancient time.”

                                                            Acts 3:19-21 

            P.P.P.P.S. Lest you say that you are not going to sit down and rectify the lies you told…remember God’s admonition to you as a pastor and to others who claim to believe in the word of God, in Matthew 5:22-25: 

                        “But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.

                        Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother  has something against you,

                        Leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then  come and present your offering.

                        Make friends with your opponent at law while you are with him on the way, so that your            opponent may not hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the officer, and you be thrown into prison.” 

            P.P.P.P.P.S. We would like a copy of the videotape and the CD that were made. We would prefer to have you give them voluntarily as opposed to under subpoena.  

[1] Please read all of Acts Chapters 21-26, which is a good parallel, John 8:31-59, and of course Acts 7: 54-60 which shows the stoning of Stephen.

[2] Read 2 Thessalonians 2. This talks about the apostasy, or falling away from the faith. 

[3] For example, the late Tom Ahlburn, who was a personal friend of the Dalai-Lama

[4] Independent contractor

[5] 2 Timothy 3:12


[6] See all of Acts Chapters 21-26, which is a good parallel, John 8:31-59, and of course Acts 7: 54-60 which shows the stoning of Stephen, as well as Acts 14:5, 14:19, 17:5-6, 22:21-24, 23:1-3, 23:10, and 24:1-9.


what happened to steve mcdonald? 

About 3 months after this letter was written, Pastor Steve McDonald was reportedly caught looking at internet pornography on the church computer in his office. (This has been corroborated by several sources. He had to “step down” from the pulpit at Central United Methodist Church (CUMC) and apparently entered a rehab facility.) 

One parishioner, who had been there with his wife the night Pastor McDonald verbally attacked and slandered Pastor Demers in front of the entire religion class, and who thought it was not right, remarked, regarding Pastor McDonald’s being caught looking at porn and having to step down—Now that’s justice.” 

This person also commented that they were surprised that it didn’t make The Meridian Star. WOW. There's something to think about here: People at CUMC seemed to know what Steve McDonald had done, yet it never made the newspaper.  How many other things is The Meridian Star hiding about what people have done wrong?  Does The Meridian Star only cover up for pastors who look at internet pornography?  Or are there far worse crimes being committed by others, and The Meridian Star is covering up for them, too? 


Please click on the link below to see a document which explains a little bit about the late Mr. Bill McBride’s vendetta against Christ’s Church In Action, and you should be able to see the correlation with what happened at CUMC.    



Please click on the link below to see photo of infant stabbed by CUMC doctor referred to in highlighted section, above: 

Picture of Infant Stabbed by member of CUMC Dr. Grant and Bereavement Letter from Hospital

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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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