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The Meridian Star Staff


Crystal Dupre, Publisher



Fredie Carmichael, Executive Editor

Steve Gillespie, Assistant Editor

Ida Brown, Staff Writer

Jennifer Jacob Brown, Staff Writer

Brian Livingston, Staff Writer

Ben Lockridge, Staff Writer/Web Reporter


Helen Reynolds, News Desk

Chris Stewart, News Desk

Lindsey Key, News Desk

Paula Merritt, Photographer



Karen Hamilton, Account Executive

Debby Delshad, Account Executive

Jennie Gaither, Account Executive

Richard Cooper, Account Executive

Susan Puckett, Account Executive

Allyson Thompson, National Ads

Elizabeth Ryan, Church Pages & Business Review



Susan Reede, Classified Manager

JoAnn Williams, Inside Sales

Amy Harwell, Inside Sales


(393 Magazine)

Joy Henson


WTOK Television Staff

Tim Walker, General Manager

Johnnie Johnson, Anchor/Director of News and Community Relations

Tametria Conner, Reporter

Wade Phillips, 5 PM Anchor and Reporter

Tom Daniels, Anchor

Andrea Williams, Good Morning Meridian Anchor/Producer and Reporter

Lindsey Brown, Weekend Anchor and Reporter



Questions for Crystal Dupre, Publisher of The Meridian Star:

Don’t you think you’ve gone too far by saying that no one who attends CCIA can even advertise in The Meridian Star, or even go to any public functions that The Star sponsors?

Does your hatred for me and my ministry cancel out the children’s lives in your mind?

And, why did you tell one of your employees to tell those young people in their 20’s (whom we were ministering to) not to listen to us?   …when all we were doing was trying to get them out of homosexuality, witchcraft, and drugs, and to believe that Jesus is Lord?

They were actively starting to listen and were doing well, and even reading the Bible…until your slander campaign kicked in….  Don’t you think that keeping young people from the truth—just because you hate me—goes a little bit too far?

Do you even have a clue how these young people were hurting and what they need?

You obviously don’t care…Your attempt to hurt me has only hurt them, as you and your “crew” have done with so many others.  And, quite frankly, keeping those people in the problems they have (as opposed to allowing us to help them out of them) is not really good for the city as a would be a lot better if they were not involved in witchcraft, illicit sex, lunatic fringe, eastern thought, etc…

But then again, I guess it doesn’t matter how much damage is done to the men, women and children of Meridian, as long as you hurt Wade Demers.

How misguided—

How foolish—

How wrong—

you are.

But, I ask you, rather than make an assumption: Can you explain your actions? 

Questions for Crystal Dupre, Publisher of The Meridian Star, and Tim Walker, General Manager of WTOK Television:

How do you sleep at night?

I mean, beyond the blackout, you won’t allow anyone from our church to even advertise in your media.

And you  go to great lengths to keep anything achieved by members of our assembly squelched…like Lucinda Johnson winning the “Meridian’s Most Talented” contest at the Queen City Fair, and winning First Place in the Adult Division of the Newton Loose Caboose Festival Talent Contest.

We are present at (and support) many, many of the functions and events in this city, yet our picture has never appeared in the 393 Magazine—a point that in and of itself is of no concern to us; the point of concern is that it is being done with the malicious, deliberate, and premeditated intent of making us into non-entities…it is as if you want to wipe out our very existence, treat us as non-persons and less than human, and deny that we, too, are a part of the citizenry of Meridian, Mississippi in Lauderdale County…yet you call yourselves Christians…what hypocrisy.

Also, more importantly, it is clear that in the reporting about Meridian City Council meetings and Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors meetings, Christ’s Church in Action is completely obliterated from being reported on, even though we have brought up many matters of serious nature and of great concern regarding the city and the county.

Further, you are also doing all you can to deny both blacks and whites access to certain buildings and functions open to the general public, because of where they go to church and/or Bible study…have you no conscience?

Questions for John Johnson, Anchor/Director of News and Community Relations, WTOK Television, Meridian:

Johnnie, why have you been so mean and rude to my wife in public on so many occasions?

I don’t mind you insulting me, but what kind of man insults, in public, a woman who is hurting and in pain?

(John, it’s kind of interesting to see what kind of awards and appointments you’ve received since the time the cover-up began…kind of brings to mind names like Heggie, Sharpe, Homan, and Harper.  Looks like tactic #24 to me…you all got a “sweet deal” for your part in the cover-up/harassment)


Question for Crystal Dupre and John Johnson:

Doesn’t it ever bother you that you’ve allowed such terrible slander perpetrated by John Robert Smith, the late Mr. Bill McBride, Steve McCartney, members of the City Council, and so many others to be printed or broadcast by you all…and that, on your part, you have not only openly refused to print/broadcast the truth, but on the contrary, ordered your respective personnel not to communicate with us, even at social events? 

Questions for Fredie Carmichael, Executive Editor, The Meridian Star:

Fredie, are you going to take the fall for Crystal and Ben, if the national “talking heads” ever pick up the story, and federal prosecutors (outside the control of the Mississippi corrupt machine all the way back to Washington) actually bring to bear, on all those who are truly guilty in this situation, the justice that is due?

Or, were you not aware that your dad threatened me and my wife?  This was in public, and his words were witnessed and a written record of his words has been made.  (This took place at Union Station on May 13, 2008 when Lt. Governor Bryant came to speak to the Young Professionals of Meridian.)

Out of our personal concern for you, we had quietly said to your dad that he might want to suggest to you that you extricate yourself from the bad guys for your own protection…we wanted to make him aware of the bad situation you had (and have) placed yourself in.  We just wanted to make your dad aware of the situation, and he acted terribly.

Questions for Jennifer Jacob Brown, Reporter, The Meridian Star: 

You know that Patti and I have been nothing but nice to you and Corey from the time we met you at The Underground.

I’d like to know—Why, under the circumstances, are you so mean to an older woman (my wife, Patti), who, as I said, is always so nice to you and goes out of her way to compliment you on your journalistic ability?

And, don’t you realize that it was my executive assistant, Lucinda Johnson (Lucy), who initially told you about and invited you and Corey and the others to Lara Hammond’s opening at SAGE[1]?

Do you realize that Lucy, in good faith, had invited numbers of people (including yourself) for that night, and that ultimately the only people who showed up were people that Lucy invited?  …and that your husband and Logan Comby provided the entertainment?

But even with all this, do you realize that Lara’s initial comment to Lucy regarding y’all was:  “Why did you invite those people?  I don’t want any of those ‘punks’ coming in to my place.”

Prior to that night, the church had paid some bills for Lara Hammond, and had interceded with the electric company to keep Lara from having her electricity cut off.  My wife and I were among Lara’s only customers until Lucy interceded to help by inviting your husband and your friends…only to get scolded by Lara.  It was only after Lara saw how wonderful the entertainment was that she invited them back.

By the way, Lucy had offered to sing at Lara’s opening also, free of charge.  Lucy is a contest winning vocalist who had prepared to sing a variety of songs for a segment of Lara’s opening.  Lara kept “whipping her around,” and ultimately told Lucy that she couldn’t use electricity when she sang.  Well, that cut out Lucy’s background music, as she had recorded discs for her backup.  Lara then changed the date of her opening and it fell on a day when Lucy had to work; Lucy had originally changed her work schedule to accommodate Lara’s opening. 

Lucy also tried to help Lara by telling everyone she saw in town about Lara’s coffee shop and grand opening, trying to help Lara make it successful.  One day Lucy made the announcement to a yoga class of about 30-40 women.  Some of them, who had heard Lucy sing, told her they would love to come to the opening to hear her sing and check out the new coffee shop.

When Lucy told Lara, Lara got angry at her for inviting those people, too.  Some people stopped in to Lara’s shop that week as a result of Lucy’s efforts.  Lara, however, cut Lucy out of her grand opening by forbidding her to use SAGE’s electricity.  (Ironic, because SAGE wouldn’t have even had the electricity if we hadn’t interceded with the electric company at the last minute for Lara—Lucy was instrumental in helping with that process on that day, also.)

My wife and I bought coffees every day for awhile at SAGE; we would put money in Lara’s jar every day, even when there was no coffee.  We were putting money in from church funds just to try and help Lara out.

We know that, after Lara decided that it was good for you all to go in there, you told her not to let us go in there anymore.   We believe that it’s because of Crystal’s edict that none of you employees of The Meridian Star can talk to us.

We helped Lara…we promoted your husband’s band to Lara…we always treated Corey and you with respect as human beings and for your talents.

Do you just have a personal hatred towards us because of our beliefs?  Or is it because of Crystal?  We would think that a journalist would be tolerant of other’s beliefs, even if they don’t agree.  We are tolerant of yours, and we don’t agree with you.  Why can’t you do the same with us?

Question for Jennifer Jacob Brown, Ida Brown, Tametria Conner, and Andrea Williams:

How do you ladies justify your coldness, rudeness, and callousness towards Patti on so many occasions?

Questions for those in advertising at The Meridian Star, WTOK, WMDN, and other places:

What do you think when your management tells you that people from Christ’s Church in Action aren’t even allowed to advertise?

For example…

Question for JoAnn at The Meridian Star:

When anyone from the church calls for just a simple classified ad, you (and all of your staff) immediately transfer them to the publisher, who then blasts them and tells them they can’t advertise…what do you think of that?

Questions for:

Ida Brown, The Meridian Star

Fredie Carmichael, The Meridian Star

Ben Lockridge, The Meridian Star

Brian Livingston, The Meridian Star

Jennifer Jacob Brown, The Meridian Star

Johnnie Johnson, WTOK-TV

Tametria Conner, WTOK-TV

Wade Phillips, WTOK-TV

Tom Daniels, WTOK-TV

Andrea Williams, WTOK-TV

Lindsey Brown, WTOK-TV


Are you proud of yourselves for participating in a media blackout covering up an arson, obstruction of a police investigation, ongoing deprivation of civil rights, assaults, undermining, inveigling, abduction, kidnapping and destroying of minor children?

Yes, are you proud of yourselves for enabling our highest public officials to participate with our richest and most powerful bigots to continue to commit outrageous and heinous crimes?


Question for all of you:

Do you have no feeling or compassion for my wife Patti, who has suffered and who continues to suffer greatly under intimidation and the stress and heartache she has been through (and is still being put through), as you collectively exert your hatred against my ministry?  Remember, ignoring a problem enables the problem.

Question for all of you:

Can you not understand what this all has done and is doing to our children?   …and how the hurt to our children pains Patti?[2] 

Question for all of you:

Do you enjoy the thought of Patti’s pain and crying herself to sleep at night?

Question for all of you:

Do you relish the thought of her angina and numerous heart attacks she’s suffered, since the arson and inveigling, undermining, kidnapping and brainwashing of our children?

Questions for all of you:

Do you even know what you’re doing?  Or is your bigotry and bias so great that even women and children are nothing before your blind rage of hatred?


Questions for all of you:

Are you all just hoping and believing that the slander and lies will prevail, or that the coercions by John Harris[3] and others to “just get out of town” will be effective…or worse, are you hoping that the threat of death transmitted through Jesse Palmer[4] and others will be fulfilled, and so therefore you will have gotten away with it, as you have up until this point?

Meridian, will you only be happy when we are killed?  Are you just waiting, like a lot of people who waited and watched and did nothing until Schwerner and Chaney, along with Goodman, were “taken out?”

Question for Meridianites:

What’s up with y’all?  Why do you ignore this obvious violation of:

·      God’s laws;

·      The Constitution;

·      The Mississippi Code;

·      Common Sense;

·      Ethics;

·      Decency;

·      What your mama taught you…? 



Questions for Everyone:

Also, I’m just curious—who “tuned up” Jacky Jack White?  He doesn’t even know us—yet he was especially rude to my wife and me at Jean’s Restaurant a few weeks ago.  Outside the restaurant, he was again mean and rude to us, attempting to intimidate us, and was terrorizing my wife in front of Diane (the owner) and another lady who were sitting on a bench.

As I said, he doesn’t even know us…and how many of you people really even know just what it is that I teach?

Would it surprise you to know that it’s all in the Bible?

And, even if you disagree with me, you all disagree with each other…why, in our case, do you resort to threats, arson, murder attempts, and the ultimately heinous viciousness of trying to intimidate and hurt women and children?

I’m just curious…do any of you have any answers…or just more vicious anger?


For all to consider: 

We understand that, from a strategy standpoint, the people who have chosen to attack me, my family, the ministry, and the members and attendees of the assembly operate in a fashion that is very familiar in cases of persecution throughout history…they use slander and deception to stifle all truth, in order to create an environment of prejudice and bias against those targeted.  Thus, the general public is deceived, and therefore moved into an attitude and environment of apathy or even agreement, so that the perpetrators can achieve their objectives of crushing those persecuted, and as a result, even their acts of violence are tolerated or ignored.

It was surprising (but at the same time we guess it should be expected from one of the insiders), when Crystal Dupre made the following statement:  “You’ll never get the truth out in my newspaper.”  (She said this on more than one occasion to a total of three individuals.)

…and also surprising (yet expected) when Tim Walker of WTOK television said, to me and to one of the members of his news staff, words to the same effect.

In this situation, as a victim, it is somewhat disheartening and hurtful to know that nice people who, previous to the arson and all the horror that’s been done against us over the last six years, were courteous and respectful in our interactions (and, in the case of advertising, were even helpful to us), have become so cold and rude and heartless.

But perhaps we can all gain some insight from what follows here:

Listen… with an open mind… but there are some technical difficulties here, from the fact that Jesus said:

“…the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7:14)

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.”  (Matthew 7:13)

“If you abide in My word…you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  (John 8:31a, 32)

It is easily understood that those who would hear the truth of the Master, Jesus Christ, are the extreme minority, because most people fall into the category of “all” in the next scripture, in dealing with God’s messenger:  “You will be hated  by all on account of My Name.”  (Matthew 24:9)  (“All” refers to those who reject the truth of God’s Word of righteousness.)

Remember, the name of Jesus is the Word of God (Revelation 19:13).

Further, as God’s messenger, I am but an under shepherd of the true Shepherd and Master, Jesus Christ…but the words and ideas I share are His, from His Word.  Nothing I say or teach is mine…as I said, I’m only a messenger.

So, the dilemma that we have is that the masses of people, all but a few, cannot even understand what is being said.

If you read John Chapter 8:12-59, you’ll see that even Jesus Himself, when speaking the Words of our Father, was not understood.  To the contrary, He was hated and was ultimately killed.  And, of course if you read Acts Chapter 7:54-60, you will see that the same thing happened to Stephen.  All of God’s messengers were treated badly throughout history.

So, the irrational, heinous, apathetic, and mean-spirited things that you are doing that you shouldn’t, or not doing that you should, are from one part, understandable, from our standpoint…it’s what God calls persecution:

“Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2 Timothy 3:12)

…and you are the persecutors, and the “all” who hate us because of His name.

It’s just sad and disturbing for us to watch such nice people lose their opportunity to hear much-needed truth in these end times, because of hardness of heart and an apostate and incomplete set of religious beliefs and doctrines that are only heard and understood by the few.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  (Hosea 4:6)

It’s sad to watch nice people bring about their own perishing.

“But because of your stubbornness and unrepentant heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God…” (Romans 2:5)

Remember, God’s word says:

“Don’t participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.”  (Ephesians 5:11)

And Edmund Burke said:

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that decent human beings do nothing.” 

Do you understand the term:  “enabling,” or “enable?”  Where do you fit in?

And, why did many of you actively participate in the twisting of truth and outright slander on WTOK, in The Meridian Star, and on The Meridian Star’s forum?

The details of all of these slanders by each of the individuals will be revealed; all manner of documents will be shown…

Maybe you should see the movie “Absence of Malice,” and for many of you, your actions and words will prove that you have exceeded the threshold of malice, and have not just reported the news as you saw it.

The documents we have in our possession, concerning many of you, prove malicious intent on your part.  If there is any one of you who has a conscience, and who truly believes that you are just an innocent dupe, then I would suggest that you recall the ethics you were taught in your respective schools of journalism, and get yourself back in line. 



[1] SAGE Coffee House on Historic Front Street in Meridian, Mississippi


[3] Former Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman

[4] Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman





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 "All that is required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing."










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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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