The 25 tactics*  are extremely important tools used to keep corruption hidden in this country at the local, state, and federal levels. (There are more than 25; these are all that have been documented so far.)

They are used whenever (whether for political or for other reasons) those who are corrupt (or the “Big Money” people who control them) want to ensure that one of their own is not prosecuted. 

It is frightening to observe how completely and effectively this system works when the word is given, and when subsequently various agencies and individuals across party lines act, and in unison, respond to the criminal element in control of our governments, pulling their strings and giving them the command to deny justice to the victims of their agents. 

Another thing to remember is, that in any government agency, whether it be law enforcement, executive, legislative, or judicial, there are three kinds of people:

 1.    The first is THE EXTREMELY NON-REDEEMABLE CORRUPT. (Unfortunately, although these are the very few, they are the ones who are in absolute control.)

2.    Then you have the smallest group: these are THE “SERPICOS” –those who are willing to speak out against the corruption. These are so few as to be almost non-existent today. The reason for this is the general decay of morals in this nation and the greed and selfish materialism of same. In addition there is the reality that the “whistleblower” is immediately attacked by all sides—and the general public, rather than supporting the whistleblower’s attempt to keep the government clean and bring about a safe environment for our children, instead acts with apathy or worse, acts against the whistleblower(s) also, since the big money people, who control the media also shape the people’s attitudes.

3.    THE GREATER BULK OF PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT TODAY. These are those who are not directly “on the take” from big money, but who act with apathy or the  quiet desperation of inaction, knowing that evil exists, but saying nothing and doing nothing because they fear reprisal in various forms. These include ostracization, firing, loss of pension, or even personal harm to themselves or their families. Regrettably, it is this group that is the most responsible for the corruption in our society, because the overtly corrupt (such as Meridian, Mississippi’s Mayor John Robert Smith), are unredeemable and unchangeable, for they are very busy justifying their corruption as just one of the many tools they use to gain their ends. No, this person (type #1) is not as responsible as the people in the 3rd category, who are: a) the greatest majority, and b) know better, and therefore c) should speak up. 

We hope that as a result of our work at The Arm of Justice, and through avenues such as this website, that the general populace will become educated as to the shocking and horrible reality of how corruption continues, and that this will cause some of you to go from the 3rd category to the 2nd, when you are willing to speak out rather than look the other way. 

This is a non-partisan, non-denominational, non-racial approach, which has no cost and can go a long way to defeat the criminal ilk that has controlled our governments in the United States for too long now.

As you read this, go to the mirror and ask yourself which of the 3 you are.

By studying these 25 tactics, now you can know the answer to the question as to why, many times, we see selective prosecution in this country. Remember, the “money people”—the real power in this country—work very thoroughly through the system to accomplish their goals. Remember, they work by these adages: “Money talks,” “Everybody has their price,” and “We know that, even if they don’t take money or some other kind of bribe, if you threaten a person’s property, self, or loved ones, you can own them; and if all else fails, you can have them killed.”

 Remember, and realize this: that the same system can be used to target and prosecute the innocent who are the enemies of the corrupt in government. 

And the objective of the money people, who control the corruption, is to keep all of you under control by giving you what you want, whether it be a job, or whatever…

Further analysis: You can now see why elections are bought, why jobs are offered—it’s all part of control.

Of course, the media, especially the local newspaper and television station, is a very powerful tool of corruption.

As you study everything we put on this website, their plan and system will become clear to you. 

The knowledge of all of this may, at first, bring fear and anger upon you; because it is so terrible, you may rebel against the thoughts in disbelief. 

But, fear not—this is a system of darkness which can be defeated by the light—perhaps not on a national basis, but certainly there is hope within a small city like Meridian, Mississippi, IF those of you who are trying to be good Americans will leave your apathy and be courageous enough to speak out your true opinions, standing side by side at public meetings and with calls and letters to those in government and those running for office.


After all, “When good people do nothing, evil rules,” and “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Knowing that many who read this will be from the so-called “Bible Belt,” I will quote from that book:        

                “The execution of justice is joy for the righteous, but is terror to the workers of iniquity.” Proverbs 21:15     

                “When the righteous triumph, there is great glory, but when the wicked rise, men hide themselves.” Proverbs 28:12 

                “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, people groan.” Proverbs 29:2 

                “When the wicked rise, men hide themselves; but when they perish, the righteous increase.” Proverbs 29:28 

Those are some items that, if you don’t fall into the category of “hypocrite,” should convince you as to the veracity of what I have shared heretofore, and the expectation of your God regarding this matter. (As I have stated up until now, it is the hypocrisy of Christians and Jews that has had a great part in causing my lack of belief in God.) 

Perhaps—perhaps—there is a slim hope that some of you will leave the darkness of hypocrisy and come into the light of integrity.

 I know that this IS possible for individuals, for the movie “Serpico” is a true story; and I have observed that Pastor Demers and the small but dedicated band of those who, along with him, appear to believe the adage of the Messiah: that one should abide in the word and be a doer, not just a hearer. Perhaps these few are not anomalies. Perhaps some of you can emulate their integrity.

 Maybe the only reason you have not done so already is because you fall under another admonition in that book, found in the prophet Hosea Chapter 4, Verse 6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

 The implication is clear—that with knowledge, we no longer have to be destroyed by this corruption. (Please don’t find it strange that an atheist is quoting from that book; I quote many sources of wisdom.) 

If I could speak boldly as a brother of sorts—remember, we all live in this nation, and it is because of this corruption, that overflows from government to the business community, that we find ourselves facing the fruit of our ways in this terrible economic condition. 

If you would take the time to read the letters to the editor and articles written by Pastor Demers which are included in this website, you may see where 2 and 2 equals 4. You may begin to understand why even this atheist has some small bit of hope that what this man and his associates have been willing to go through, after choosing the path of integrity and holding fast to it, may have brought us to this time of opportunity and change in ourselves.

 This is a strong part of why I take the time to do this, and why I, too, am willing to face the danger of “blowing the whistle,” because it is my hope that the good people in a small community, armed with the truth, can, to a great degree, purge the vermin and disgusting things from our government and business community and society.

 I would be the first to admit it is my respect for Wade Demers that is the primary motivation for my (and my associates’) directed efforts here at The Arm of Justice. It is a respect that developed over a 12-year time period from the early 70’s when I actually met the gentleman and his wife and had extensive conversations with them…because of them, I actually read the Bible, including the New Testament, a number of times. 

This respect has consistently deepened over a time period, as I observed his stand for truth and justice, even under the onslaught of the same type of politically enabled persecution which he faced and endured in the State of Rhode Island. Yes, I watched as this man stood firm, as even the media cooperated with the manipulator of truth as the RI system was used to try and crush this man and his ministry.

 Back then was when I turned to atheism, because those folks involved in the terrible persecution were largely Roman Catholics, a few Protestants, and Jews.  

For a short time, I even volunteered in the efforts to produce 46 television shows on cable interconnect, exposing corruption in that state. (Ultimately, as a result, a governor, a mayor, 2 police officers, and the chief justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court were convicted of felonies, and 4 of those 5 did prison time. Those people were among those who were brought to justice in Rhode Island, but the actual full list of names, along with what happened there, will come out when we put online all the details of all of the persecution that went on in Rhode Island.)  

That was when I first got involved with The Arm of Justice, and I’ve been of the same mind ever since. But this again is only a small indication of what happened—numbers of people were ultimately brought to justice. 

I was among many people who felt bad when Pastor Demers and his wife left the state of Rhode Island in the early 90’s to head south. All of us here were surprised when they left, and we had no idea where they were going. 

But as the years went by, we became aware of his whereabouts, and that the same type of persecution was being brought against his church. And, I was both shocked and dismayed that, in the so-called “Bible Belt,” this nonsense was continuing, and that’s when I made the decision that enough was enough, and that I was not going to stand by the sidelines; I was going to act.

I decided to act, not just giving technical support as I did in the cable programming days, but actually doing research that would enable The Arm of Justice to prove the truth with documentation, so as to counteract the distortion of truth and media manipulation which produces the slander. This slander, in turn, creates an environment of hatred that discredits the ministry and the man, but also, more easily enables the corrupt and evil to take these victims' lives in the same way as the hate machines created that environment in the early Eugenics movement in the U.S., with the Jews in Nazi Germany, and with the blacks in Meridian, Mississippi and the South. 

We at The Arm of Justice are committed to see this through, until there is enough outcry from the public for the authorities outside and beyond Meridian, Mississippi (and the region of the South) to step in and act according to law. At this point, we are exploring obtaining assistance on getting the word out by having a book written concerning this incredible odyssey of nearly 30 years. 

You see, I too am fond of the movie “Serpico,” and I decided not to be a spectator, but a participant in the arena of integrity and justice. 

In the latter half of my 7th decade, I openly say, I care not if I die, but I will be at peace when my head hits the pillow each night. 

But I must confess, that I am also motivated by the glimmer of hope, of which I spoke earlier. Yes, even in this latter stage of my 7th decade, I hold the hope that this man’s Quixotic quest will not have been in vain, with a life ended by despair or death.

 But as he and those with him continue on, and just a few of us speak out, perhaps the spell of evil will be broken, and many of us will have our hopes become a reality.




Please understand that Meridian, Mississippi is in no way unique; its problem is pervasive in our nation at all levels: state, local, and federal.

 What is unique in Meridian, Mississippi is that that is where the people are who are willing to do what the victims of the crimes there have done.  We also have the opportunity, through the scrutiny that has been given in the documented information (and that we have in our possession to bring to light), and (without trying to seem self-aggrandizing) through the willingness of The Arm of Justice to put these things on our website.

 The wisdom gleaned can obviously be generally applied in other geographic locations. 

 I have been with The Arm of justice for nearly 30 years, and because of the unique situation with documentation, we are now in the rare position to be able to illustrate what we have all known for years.




If you yourself are just too tired, and have given up and lost even a glimmer of hope, or are up in years like me, give this web address to your children and/or grandchildren, who may succeed where we have failed.





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 "All that is required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing."










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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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