The Arm of Justice 

April 22, 2009


Congregation of

Temple Beth Israel

Meridian, MS


RE:  Your apathy in light of murder attempts, house arson, inveigling, brainwashing, and kidnapping of children, slander, and discrimination. (Please read to the congregation and give a copy to each member.)

To the Congregation of Temple Beth Israel: 

My name is Berachot Levine and I am with The Arm of Justice in New England. 

We monitor and record injustices and criminal and illegal acts which have been perpetrated against individuals and groups, including, but not limited to, any possible violation(s) of their civil rights. Specifically, we are looking into possible violations of Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 242: Deprivation of rights under color of law, and Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 241, Conspiracy against Rights, as well as possible violations of other civil rights laws, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

I write in shock and shame in the cognizance that fellow Jews are acting like the goyim did during the horror of the Holocaust. 

Do you not realize the shame of your apathy in light of the terror being brought upon a people in your Meridian, Mississippi? 

Surely you’ve already had your Kristallnacht, and the pogrom continues… 

I will now share with you some of the events, impelled by prejudice and bigotry, which have created the atmosphere of hatred leading to the outbreak of violence, including murder threats and attempts, arson, kidnapping of minor children, assaults, deprivation of rights and discrimination, leaving a whole group of people in your city under a reign of terror. 

Though voluminous, please, in compassion for your fellow man, read this entire document. 

Consider what has been done already: (This is only a smattering of events to give you the flavor. There is much, much more, but time and space will not permit the listing of it all.) 

  1. There was an arson committed against Christ’s Church In Action (CCIA), of which Wade Demers is pastor, which was covered up, not investigated properly by the police, and blacked out by the media.
  2. An elected city official (who is still in office) called one day and said that arson is one thing, but was warning Pastor Demers to be careful because he said that the people in power who were behind the arson and coverup would kill him (have him killed).
  3. A ranking Meridian police officer told Pastor Demers that those people wouldn’t use anyone local; they would use the “Dixie Mafia” to have him killed.
  4. Prior to the arson, men from New Beginnings Church “roughed up,” harassed and threatened Pastor Demers for nearly 4 years.
  5. Pastor Peter (Amos) Powell attempted to murder Pastor Demers in front of his (Pastor Demers’) 2 daughters.
  6. Pastor Darrell Dumas (of Touching Hands Ministries in Meridian) said, from the pulpit of his church at a Sunday morning service, that Pastor Demers and his family were of the devil. The Demers family was in attendance that day, having been invited by Eugene and Jeannie Tanner.
  7. Pastor Darrell Dumas, on another occasion, threatened Pastor Demers by saying, “If I ever see you on the street, I’ll beat you to death with my bare hands.”
  8. When Pastor Demers and his family had been invited to North Park Church by the youth minister (Rick Wise), Pastor Earl Wheatley came to the Demers home and, in front of the Demers children, told Pastor Demers, “I’ve read all you’ve written and I know all you said, and you are wrong.” But when Rick Wise asked Pastor Wheatley to show him in the Bible where Pastor Demers was wrong, Pastor Wheatley refused. Pastor Wheatley subsequently, on another occasion, threatened Pastor Demers and his family.
  9. Pastor Robert Null of First Assembly of Meridian, also threatened Pastor Demers’ family.
  10. Apostle Scott Kear, guest speaker speaking at a service at Jack Giles’ church said, from the pulpit, that Wade Demers was of the devil.
  11. Pastor Adelia Spencer of New Beginnings Church said that her son Joshua Powell (whom Pastor Demers had helped to escape from her cult) was having sex with Christ’s Church In Action’s church secretary, etc. These rumors were permeating the Meridian, Mississippi community.
  12. On one occasion at the Church of God on Church Street in Collinsville, Pastor Demers was suggesting to a diverse group of different denominations of so-called Christian pastors (about 15) that they resolve their differences and come to the “unity of the faith,” in order to reduce some of the confusion created by denominationalism. He was then assaulted by them, one of them physically and the rest verbally, as they were taunting and screaming and egging on the pastor who was physically assaulting him.
  13. Etc., etc., etc. The Demers children were told, both in public and in private, that their beliefs were wrong and that they should not believe their parents. (By the way, what Pastor Demers preaches is a conservative form of Christianity that would be more familiar 100 years ago than in today’s modern materialistic, “me-oriented” society.)

During the time period from points 4-12, above, the 3 minor Demers children were being secretly undermined and inveigled by a couple named Eugene and Jeannie Tanner (who lived near the Demerses at that time) and, among others, an individual named Don Larson, who lives in Marion, Mississippi. They were telling the children that their parents’ beliefs were wrong (this undermining is confirmed in the oldest child’s diary). This activity went on for many years. Finally, at one point these 3 people enticed the Demers children to leave their parents and come live with them. 

These children were immediately taken to places and made to do activities contrary to their upbringing and their parents’ beliefs. 

After several days, when the parents found out where their children were, they tried to get their children back, and were confronted by Don Larson with a large caliber semi-automatic pistol. 

When the Demerses told Don Larson that he and the other two people were kidnapping their children, the kidnappers took the children to the basement of Adelia Spencer’s[1] church building where (according to a tape recording) Christina Demers, the oldest of the 3 minor children, says she was “coerced” into making a phone call she didn’t want to make

o       DHS then picked up the children;

o       The parents were never contacted, contrary to law;

o       The children were sent to Baptist Children’s Village (BCV) for reprogramming with the Trinity doctrine and the “once saved, always saved” doctrine of the Baptists, against what their parents believe and against what they had taught their children. 

The Demerses believed and taught their children that God is One, and that “obedience is more important than offering,” and that the “‘Christian’ sinner’s prayer” alone will not save you. 

The children did not submit to the programming, as they had all read the Bible a number of times from cover to cover, even though they were only 13, 15, and 16 years old at the time.  

Of course, the years of slander, threats, attacks, and undermining had them extremely confused. While at the BCV, they all lost their faith in God. 

When the result (which had been ordered by Judge Frank Coleman[2]) was not achieved, the children were sent to Canada, without their parents being notified until the children were gone and the time of appeal had passed

Two of the children were kept in the home of an atheist. He was a former Catholic priest who was defrocked and put out of the Catholic Church by the Pope for seducing a young lady 20 years his junior (when a nun) when she came to him for counseling. The third child was with a renegade Catholic. 

The children were isolated and deprived of normal needs. 

They have all grown to become atheists, and they are as Patty Hearst was after being kidnapped by the SLA[3], i.e. believing the lies of those whom she was living with. 

After the inveigling/absconding of the children, the following events are just some of the events which have occurred

  1. About six weeks after the inveigling/absconding of the children, about 18 men from New Beginnings Church[4] (many of them preachers) threatened Pastor Demers that if he didn’t stop preaching what he was preaching, they were going to “do something.” 3 weeks later CCIA’s building at 518 41st Avenue had a circle burned in the grass around the house, and that night it was set on fire by arsonists.
  2. Police never investigated properly, never contacted the victims, never questioned suspects, and the perpetrators were subsequently able to leave the state, possibly with the assistance of city administration. The local Meridian, Mississippi newspaper had no story at all about the arson, and the local television news did not cover it, either.
  3. After the threats and arson occurred, Pastor Demers was assaulted the next morning by a member of the church (New Beginnings) that “torched” CCIA’s church building.
  4. With the murder threats continuing, and the slander campaign escalating, the church secretary was assaulted by one of the arsonists who allegedly lit the fire.
  5. The mayor, although he was told (3 weeks after the arson) about the lack of investigation by the police, did nothing although he told the victims he would talk to the chief of police and the fire investigator and would get back to them in 24 hours. (He has not done so to this day—to the contrary, he has instigated a massive slander campaign and has used the City of Meridian to harass the victims.)
  6. With the threats and slander campaign still continuing, the Demers home was attacked on Passover. The door was kicked in and a 250 lb. skinhead beat Pastor Demers to the ground.
  7. The slander continued and intensified, as a man named Bill McBride, who did not like being exposed by Pastor Demers and CCIA as condoning the lewd materials that were on display in the Meridian Public Library, began a personal attack on CCIA, using the Meridian City Administration. Mr. McBride (who was on the library board) and Mr. McCartney (head of the library) were extremely angry that they had been chastised by the county administrator[5] and the Board of Supervisors for their stance and allowing those lewd materials to be on display. They were so angry that Mr. McBride attempted, with all his might, to get CCIA’s tax-exempt status on the burned-out building revoked.[6] 
  8. Mr. McCartney (as “Ernest T. Bass”) subsequently started a thread on the Meridian Star forum called “Is this really a church?” and mercilessly slandered CCIA, Pastor Demers, and Mrs. Demers. Any defenders to the Demerses and CCIA on this thread were subsequently banned.
  9. Through all of this there was (and still is) a complete media blackout, and no help from law enforcement.
  10. Crystal Dupre, publisher of The Meridian Star, has said that the truth will never get out in her newspaper, and she has threatened her reporters and staff not to even talk to the victims.
  11. WTOK-TV’s Tim Walker has issued a memo forbidding his reporters to talk to the victims under fear of losing their jobs.
  12. Then came the murder plot at Central United Methodist Church, ordered by George Thomas of the Meridian City Council, Mr. McBride, Steve McDonald (the pastor at the time) and others.
  13. Pastor Jack Giles (Church of the Way in Meridian, Mississippi), and Chuck Sanders (Sanders Gas Company in Meridian, Mississippi) told people that Wade Demers and his people are of the devil.
  14. Jesse Palmer said, to the victims, “You were supposed to pack your bags and run after (they burned your house).” “Don’t you know what they did to Martin Luther King when they couldn’t stop him? They had him killed.” “If I was mad at you, I’d tell you to your face and hit you with a 2 by 4—not these people; these people are sneaky—they’ll go behind the scenes—and there is no limit to their capability.”
  15. Church members and even church attendees are not permitted to “eat at certain lunch counters” or attend certain public events in the city. 

The horror continues. The list of slander is endless.

 Note this list:  

  • Slander
  • Deprivation of rights
  • Murder attempts
  • Arson
  • Inveigling, brainwashing, absconding children
  • Discrimination
  • Assaults
  • Threats

…against all members/attendees of a church. 

And, where are you all…? 

You’re certainly NOT the Maccabees; and as Mattathias would, I now say to you Hellenistic beasts:


And you who are for God, follow me and speak out against this terrible situation, loudly, and all together. If I, as an atheist, can do it, surely you who profess to still believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob should also.

 Very truly yours,


Berachot Levine

for The Arm of Justice

xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xx xxxxx 

P.S. I have put up a website in order to attempt to assist these victims by bringing out the truth about the crimes committed against them: Perhaps you might consider taking a look and reading in order to become better informed about what is happening in your city. 

N.B.: MUST SEE Addendum. Please read in its entirety.


Addendum to Temple Beth Israel 

This is the first time that the subject has been broached about the terrible things done to the Demers children. 

The heinous details of this situation, including the government’s illicit and horrific use of the courts to deny religious freedom, will sicken all of you. 

Here is one example: Judge Frank Coleman,[7] from the bench, said such things as these to Pastor Demers and his wife: 

            “I know more about the Bible than you.”

            “I’m a deacon in my church.”

            “You have your own supreme interpretation of the Bible.”

            “I am going to ‘fix’ your children.” 

Judge Coleman is the one who ordered the children to be sent to the Baptist Children’s Village (BCV)…this is where the children were further brainwashed against their parents and their parents’ beliefs.  

Let me remind you that this is a free country, and that my personal observations of Wade Demers and his ministry for nearly 30 years now show that he is simply a strict adherer to conservative Judeo-Christian doctrine that many of our ancestors came to this nation to have the freedom to live by.   He certainly has the right to bring up his children according to those beliefs! 

Not since Nazi Germany have I seen a Western nation do this type of thing that is today reserved for Communists, militant Islamics, and renegade dictatorships. 

I have seen government and courts used to violate people’s religious beliefs, and forcibly impose contrary beliefs on their offspring. 

Though I am an atheist, I am still a Jew, and I know the pressures brought to bear on our children from the times of Pharaoh to Nebuchadnezzar to Yasser Arafat. I am appalled that you are not also appalled. 

I am frightened that you seem to have joined in with the general population of Meridian, and that due to your disagreement with these people’s religious beliefs, you think that even their children are fair game for religious reorientation, and that even government can be used to the end of eliminating religious beliefs thought to be contrary to the masses. 

Do you have any idea what these people actually teach, other than that it may be different than what you believe? 

It might surprise all of you, as it did me, if you were to actually sit down and listen—they would sound much more like your grandmother than your enemy! 

The Christian South has its problems with prejudice, bias, and bigotry leading to collusion, conspiracy and violence, but we as Jews should not be complacent in light of our past and the rising anti-Semitism in Europe. 

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 

“The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is that decent human beings do nothing.”

[1] Senior Pastor Adelia Spencer is one of the alleged principals in the subsequent arson against CCIA. Her son, Peter (Amos) Powell, is the one who attempted to murder Pastor Demers in front of 2 of his children.

[2] Please see addendum for details of this man’s vile actions from the bench, acting against human rights and against the Constitution of the United States.

[3] Symbionese Liberation Army

[4] Where Adelia Spencer was senior pastor

[5] Tony Green at the time

[6] The church had suffered a $75,000 loss on this building with no insurance. The church has no other substance/assets to replace the loss, the church’s only asset being the parsonage itself. Pastor Demers, and all members of CCIA have no personal assets, as they’ve all taken a vow of poverty to do a job in ministering to God’s people that precludes monetary cash flow.

[7] Lauderdale County, MS Youth Court Judge



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 "All that is required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing."










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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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