Pastor Demers saw Meridian, Mississippi Police Chief Benny Dubose at a seminar on June 13, 2009, and the two men spoke. 

Pastor Demers told Chief Dubose that Mr. Richard Lofton[1] is still not allowed in certain restaurants in Meridian and is also still being denied access to certain public events.[2]  Mr. Lofton happens to be a black man who has met with Chief Dubose, along with a member of CCIA, and has asked him to do something about these illegal things that have been happening to him.  (Mr. Lofton is not a member, although he attends CCIA.)[3] 

Chief Dubose said, “Call the FBI.”  

Pastor Demers said, "Well, we have.  Then Pastor Demers explained to the chief that it doesn’t do any good because when the FBI calls, he (the chief) and/or other members of the Meridian Police Department lie to the FBI, and tell them the crimes aren’t happening.*  Chief Dubose was silent at this statement.  

Pastor Demers then asked Chief Dubose, “Did you call the FBI?” 

Chief Dubose said, “No.”  

Pastor Demers asked, “Will you call them?” 

Chief Dubose said, “No.”

It is no wonder there is no justice for these victims of hate crimes in Meridian, Mississippi.  (And who knows how many other unnamed victims with no voice are victims of this same type of injustice?) 

*NOTE:  Most people don’t realize what the standard procedure in this country is with the FBI; due to their limited resources, and because the FBI is extremely busy, when they get a complaint they call the local authorities.  If the local authorities say there is nothing to the complaint, the FBI is stopped cold.   

It is a trick used by the local authorities when they want to cover up for the bad guys—such as in the case of Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose (and others) covering up for Mayor John Robert Smith.  And, of course, the FBI never checks out the information themselves—they just take the word of the local authorities.  Like I said, most people don’t realize that this is how it works—they think that the FBI actually does their own investigating when someone calls.   (By the way, the U.S. Department of Justice has been notified repeatedly of the civil rights violations and also has done nothing, undoubtedly for the very same reason—they appear interested and say they are going to do something, but then they mysteriously stop; we are sure that this is because of this very thing—they call the local authorities, and the local authorities say that there is nothing to the complaints and there are no crimes being committed.  Viola!  Instant exoneration for the bad guys—no investigation by the feds, no prosecution—and the victims are made to look foolish and as if there is no merit to what they are saying.

All of the “insiders” know that this is the way it works…it’s too bad that the citizenry is either largely ignorant, or doesn’t care to get involved and stand up to do something about it, even after they are informed. 

The local authorities have been doing this since the 60’s—covering up for the bad guys.  For example, it was only because of public indignation and outrage over the three missing civil rights workers in 1964 that the FBI was ordered by Washington to go down to Mississippi and solve the case; there were many other cases that were never solved because the local law enforcement covered up the crimes (and many times were actively involved in committing them) and nobody cared.  By the way, that is an important point regarding the media blackout—public indignation and sympathy for the victims only comes about after the media makes the story known.  That is why Meridian, Mississippi’s media blackout, especially in the local newspaper, The Meridian Star, is such an integral part of the crime and corruption in that city.

 Interestingly, when the victims asked Benny Dubose why Crystal Dupre, the publisher of the Star (who has told the victims that they will never get the truth published in her paper), called the mayor to ask what to do when the victims wanted to attend a public event that she did not want them to attend, Chief Dubose said, “I guess they are friends.”  That says a lot. 

Benny Dubose’s suggestion for the victims to call the FBI is nothing more than an example of “the runaround,” or “passing the buck.”  (See Tactic #18 in 25 DISGUSTING TACTICS USED BY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT UNKNOWN TO THE AVERAGE CITIZEN.)  Notice that when Chief Dubose was asked if he would call the FBI himself, he flatly refused. 

It should be no surprise that Chief Dubose did this; remember, he is the one who told his lieutenant (who has since been promoted to captain) that he could not investigate Meridian’s Mayor John Robert Smith, members of the Meridian City Council, or members of the Meridian Police Department for alleged crimes committed.  This lieutenant was the one who stated that what Meridian Police Detective Andrew Havard did in the improper investigation of the arson against CCIA, was “criminal police work.”  Yet Chief Dubose told him he could not investigate. 

Benny Dubose is the one whom Meridian Mayor John Robert Smith said he was going to contact when two of the victims of the church arson came to him (the mayor) three weeks after the arson, to ask him why the police were not investigating.  The mayor acted shocked and said he was going to contact the Meridian fire investigator and Chief Dubose.  Benny Dubose has said that the mayor never contacted him.

Benny Dubose is the one who sits there with a silly grin on his face as victims describe assaults, threats, arson, and even kidnapping of children.  He says, “I get my orders from the mayor.”  Indeed, it is no surprise that this person has acted this way. 

[1] (as well as other members/attendees of Christ’s Church In Action (CCIA))

[3] The person with Mr. Lofton noticed that Chief Dubose had a silly grin on his face when the offenses against Mr. Lofton were being explained to him.  This person brought it up, and Chief Dubose said, “That’s just the way I am; it’s kind of a nervous thing I do.This person’s observation was that his grin was oddly reminiscent of Sheriff Rainey’s smug grin seen in certain pictures after the death of the three civil rights workers in 1964.

Update:  Pastor Demers talked with an agent from the FBI in Jackson, Mississippi, shortly after this article was published.  The agent confirmed that someone from the FBI had called the local authorities in Meridian and was told that they didn't find any evidence they could prosecute on, (this is not true) and that there was no merit to what the victims were saying (also not true).  The FBI agent confirmed that it was a matter of resources, and that when a call is made to the local authorities, and those authorities tell the FBI there is nothing to the allegations, it stops there.   This agent's words are proof that Benny Dubose is crooked and a liar.  And, if he is not, he would call the FBI and tell them the truth.


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