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When confronted with the facts about:


Ø  the arson (resulting in a $75,000 loss to a church, with no insurance);

Ø  the cover-up by the (former) mayor’s office and the police;

Ø  the media blackout;

Ø  the repeated murder attempts;

Ø  the threats against a pastor;

Ø  overt slander by government officials and others;

Ø  the fact that a seated Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman said, to the victims, that “'they' will kill you”;

Ø  the blatant discrimination in being banned from lunch counters, public events, etc.


… there are actually people in Meridian, Mississippi who have said to the victims: 


                Let’s not talk about the past—Let's move forward!”


                That is almost comical, because the threats and other crimes are ongoing and happening to this day because no one has prosecuted the guilty.

                Also, of course there are crimes that have been committed in the past--ALL crime is in the past.  How can one move forward without prosecuting crimes that were committed?   The church has a building which was burned out by arson, resulting in a $75,000 loss that still remains.  You don’t step over a dead body and say,


That’s all in the past—let’s move forward!”


I wonder what would happen if, for example, someone’s daughter got gang-raped, and


-  the police didn’t investigate it because the mayor and others were trying to drive the family out of town;

-  the media covered it up so no one knew;

-  the parents were trying to get the police to investigate and they wouldn’t;

-  the police slandered the parents secretly in their “report” ;

-  the police’s so-called investigation consisted of asking a female member of the gang’s family if she saw or knew anything, and then left their card and told her to have the gang members call them if any of them knew anything;

-  the gang then left the state to avoid prosecution;

-  threats of death were hanging over the family’s head from city officials who were trying to continue the cover-up of the crime,

-  the family was banned from certain restaurants and public events because of their religious beliefs and because they were trying to get justice for the rape victim… etc.


We wonder If this person would then want people to say,


“Let’s not talk about the past—Let's move forward!”


There are apparently numbers of people in Meridian, Mississippi who have said this to the victims of the arson, cover-up, threats, etc. against Christ's Church in Action.  (If you read Letter to the City of Meridian-COVERUP OF AND PARTICIPATION IN ARSON, HATE CRIMES, AND PREJUDICE BY CITY GOVERNMENT EXPOSEDPOLICE FRAUD & DECEPTION, PART I: Details of Methodology of Mayor-directed, Police Chief-effected, Council-allowed Cover up Revealed! and BERACHOT'S ANALYSIS, you should be able to see the comparisons with the above analogy.


Another  famous line is:


                Why don’t you hire a lawyer?”


                Since when do the victims of crime need a lawyer?  The victims just want honest government and justice to be done.

                Does this come with a monetary price?  Should a citizen have to PAY MONEY to get a lawyer in order to have government and law enforcement do their JOBS according to the law and the constitution? 


The names of the people who have been saying these things will be revealed…you may be surprised at who they are.              


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 "All that is required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing."










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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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