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My name is Berachot Levine.  I am in my 60's.  I have known Pastor Wade Demers for over 30 years now.   I have known him from the time he was a wealthy businessman with a 4,000+ square foot home with 7 servants, through the time when he gave it all up to be a pastor and do what he believes the Bible says.  LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND, AND I DO NOT ATTEND CHRIST'S CHURCH IN ACTION WHERE WADE IS PASTOR, AND I DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT HE BELIEVES, AS FAR AS THE BIBLE AND "GOD."

I am of Jewish background, but have become an atheist after observing the actions of so-called Christians and Jews, especially seeing what has been done to this man and his ministry.  His only "crime," as I see it, is LIVING what he believes--the Bible.  I have observed this man (who actually DOES what it says in the book he believes in--the Bible) being hurt and persecuted by those who SAY they believe the Bible, but in my opinion, from observing their actions,do not live up to what they SAY; they are HYPOCRITES.  I have never seen any other man treated the way this man has been treated, and this was one of the contributing factors to my atheism. 

Over the years I have read and studied many books of different kinds, including the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.  I know that Wade Demers does what the Bible says.  I marvel at the way he has suffered so much because he does not compromise, and still keeps on going.  He has suffered these things at the hand of so-called "good people," including, as I said before, so-called Christians and Jews.  Whether it is the "Christian" who is actively slandering and/or assaulting him, or the Jew who won't lift a finger to help him, I have become disgusted and have re-activated The Arm of Justice full force to assist Pastor Demers and his church.  The church used to be located here in New England, over two decades ago.  Severe persecution against the church, in the form of slanders, false arrests, beatings, and the like, caused almost everyone to leave the church. 

Pastor Demers and his wife Patricia kept going. They believed that "God" showed them that He wanted the church to move to Meridian, Mississippi ,in 1994, and so that is where they went. 

Pastor Demers did what he believes his job is (apostle as well as pastor to the local assembly in Meridian, Mississippi) and has tried to get the people who say they believe the Bible to resolve their differences using the Bible.  He believes (and logic supports this) that all of the churches cannot be right--they all say something different.  He believes that only the Bible is right and that the churches need to come to the unity of the faith, by looking at what the Bible says about any given situation and doing that.  (You can read some of his published writings on this if you click on "photos" here on our website.  Please forgive any formatting issues which we may still be working out--hopefully you will be able to read the articles and even print them out if you choose to do so.)  You will also see some photo ads which Pastor Demers and his wife ran in some publications in Meridian, Mississippi.

As you read the ads and the articles, you may find it strange, when you see the content, that this is the man who has been slandered, assaulted, threatened, and who had an arson committed against the church of which he is pastor (Christ's Church In Action, abbreviated as CCIA), and a cover up of that arson.  You may just find that you never really knew what this man's beliefs and ministry are all about, due to what you' have heard and/or read.

You may find that the other reading material on this website, regarding the crimes and cover-up, is a bit exhausting.  It can be--but imagine how exhausting it was for the victims who went through it.  (If you are not interested, perhaps you should just "move on," and go somewhere else; there is plenty of other stuff on the web!!)  Please bear in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Government and law enforcement in Meridian and in Mississippi, as well as the preachers, the media, and the people who are still "KKK in their hearts and minds," worked together in a conspiracy of hatred to try to run this man out of that town, and have hurt him, his family, and his church terribly.  He has been through a tremendous amount of persecution and has been told that his life is in danger in Meridian, Mississippi.  If you read the document I authored, called "Berachot's Analysis," hopefully things will become clearer for you. 

We will be presenting more as time goes on.  Read through the first documents, and if it whets your appetite for more, it will be coming soon!

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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing

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